Energy independence

Monday, October 25, 2010

In Congress, my military experience will influence my decisions. After flying the B-52 and U-2 during the Cold War, I deployed to the Middle East in AWACS to enforce the no-fly zone over Iraq. From overhead we could see the devastation of Kuwait when Saddam Hussein set the oil wells on fire.

In the daytime, where Mideast weather is normally clear and a million, Kuwait was outlined by a giant cloud of smoke. At night, you could see the oil fires burning through the smoke cloud; it was probably the closest depiction of hell you could get.

This experience motivates me to seek energy independence for our country. We must stop the transfer of our wealth overseas and the exposure of our nation's prestige because of our nation's need for foreign oil. We need to drill here for petroleum and use technology to get the most efficiency from the petroleum we use.

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