You'll never reach your full potential

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Awesome, mysterious and miraculous are just some of the ways to describe life. Think about the opportunities and possibilities available to most people if they would avail themselves of what's there. Although things may be impossible with man, "With God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26) God is good. We set our limits.

Look at what people accomplish, become and attain and stand back in awe. It would be impossible for anyone to tackle, achieve and endure the things he's handled without grace from a higher power. Miracles happen every day, although we often fail to perceive everyday happenings as miracles. It's usually the spectacular that captures our attention.

Look at the pattern you intended to create in planning your life and see how your artistry turned out. Seldom is the finished product what you originally imagined. Although one must plan, he must also keep his eyes open for what he may be missing along the way -- that diamond found in the backyard.

I visited a local winery over the weekend. I was astonished to find something of its caliber residing at such proximity to my home. The owners bought a parcel of ground for the purpose of having a grape vineyard. It now has sculptures and other attractions. God must have planted the seed for the operation.

I realized my area contains numerous treasures if I just explore it. I also recently learned of a nearby fishing pond with a restaurant on the premises -- another special attraction. Once again, I needed only to dig a little deeper around me to see what's there. I'm amazed at the ingenuity of people. Businesses, attractions, new churches, schools all started with a dream. From where did the dreams come? I think from God.

I assess a woman in her 80s whose husband is living in a nursing home. She has a home to keep, taxes to figure, poor health herself and she still attempts to participate in her family's life. I marvel at her ability to keep going -- another example of the indomitable spirit and endurance of human beings. Like a rubber band, it seems as if one can stretch and stretch and stretch. You think you'll break, but you keep on going continuing to overextend. You repeat "With God all things truly are possible."

One sees a person who is growing up poor and uneducated. Years later you hear he's now a prominent figure in society. Somehow he managed to escape from his dire circumstances and better himself. The cycle continues. People can attain unbelievable goals which they could never imagine if they depended on worldly possibility. Yet these ambitions materialize and one knows that only a higher power could be responsible.

Children who are products of divorce are forced to split their lives, spending time with both parents. The offspring inherited a situation of which they had no part. Yet somehow most make the best of the circumstance and do what they must do. They hold their heads high and attempt to please both parties. How do they survive? There is that little spark of persistence and the desire to be happy that drives them. They smile and make a less than perfect situation into something they can accept and endure. Everyone has a natural instinct to strive for happiness, and children, especially, are masters at the art.

Everybody has problems and you think yours are the worst, but when you listen to those of others, you realize you don't want to trade places. You'll keep yours. God supplies what you need to manage what you must. People will never reach all of that which they are capable. God keeps opening our eyes wider allowing us to discover the jewels that lie within. Keep walking, imagining and seeking, knowing you'll never reach your full potential.

Ellen Shuck holds degrees in psychology, religious education and spiritual direction and provides spiritual direction to people at her office.

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