Speak Out 10/20/10

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

School Absences

I support the parent whose child needed to take necessary absences from school. You are the parent and have every right to do what you have to do to help your child excel. I applaud you for going the extra mile when the school district would not.

pancreatic cancer

I would like to know if all the attention that goes with breast cancer awareness will turn to pancreatic cancer awareness next month. The rate for five year survival of a pancreatic cancer patient is only 6 percent.

Use an ashtray

OUR Earth is not a smoker's ashtray. Put your cigarette butts in the ashtray. If your car doesn't have an ashtray, you can buy one.

Casino a good start

WHEN taking guests to see the river, how many of you avoid going down parts of Broadway or Main street? Do you stay on the west and north side of town so they won't see the bad sections? Do opponents of the casino have an alternate plan to help restore these run down areas? A casino will neither save or destroy us, but it will help to rehabilitate an area.

Casino jobs

OUR country is so morally bankrupt, I fail to see how a casino is going to make things any worse. Why would you not take the jobs and the income from it?

Health care exemption

I read in a news article that the Obama administration has exempted McDonald's from their health care law. Some corporations have to follow the law but some corporations are exempt. What about the small businesses? What about individuals who are forced to buy health insurance they may or may not want.


IT'S ironic that the new proposed casino that promises new jobs in Cape is the very site that used to provide good jobs before they were outsourced overseas. If you work with a computer, your job can be outsourced.

Safety concern

HUBBLE Creek, located between Jackson and the interstate on Highway 61, is a great place. However, people are stopping on the highway to look at it, and it is an accident waiting to happen. The speed limit is 55 mph on the highway. Something needs to be done before someone gets hurt.

Addicted to gambling

I have a friend that has an addictive personality. When we have a girls weekend and sometimes go to a casino, three of us will spend maybe $20 to $30. The fourth lady will spend $150 to $200. She does not have that kind of money to waste. It hurts too much to throw my money away. But if you look around at any casino, you'll see a lot of people in her same situation.

Great column

I read Dr. Wulfers' column, and I wholeheartedly agree. I challenge our mayor and all the city council members to read this. Come back and answer these statements that Dr. Wulfers has made. How can you go the other way?

Bed bugs

AFTER reading the front page of today's paper about bed bugs, I'm sure someone could figure out how to eliminate bed bug bites. How about a certain vitamin pill that comes through the skin pores? There is a way to do it if they want to figure it out.

No to county zoning

WHY would anyone that lives in the county want to have planning and zoning laws, and for that matter, that two mile extension from the city where the city rules what they do?

Short shorts

THE volleyball girls' uniform shorts are too short. I find it interesting they wear long-sleeved shirts but they have these short shorts. If they want to wear spandex, they can wear a longer short that's made out of spandex.

Charter government

I think people will be for a charter form of government, in the Fruitland area especially. Houses continue to be built. Now we have the problem of two potential rock quarries. It might be that we need county planning and zoning. I would like these things to be explained to me in the paper so I can get a real understanding. Hopefully it will come up for a vote. Now is the time for change.

Help the poor

WHAT did former president Clinton or President Obama do for the poor? Why are the poor kicked in the teeth by the greedy money dealers? The poor are more than workers. They are laborers. The Bible says "blessed are those who labor." The poor are as good as gold and they deserve representation from state and local government.

Blame Bush

THINGS are bad now, but I don't think people realize how close to a depression former president Bush and the Republicans had us. For eight years businesses took their jobs overseas. If not for this, there would be plenty of jobs. Who was representing us in Washington, D. C.?

Casino poetry

CAPE is not up for sale

For any amount of bail;

To think we can be bought

Is just a frivolous thought;

One that will never

Ever prevail.

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