Solutions offered in the debates

Thank you to Southeast Missouri State University, Three Rivers Community College, Missouri University of Science and Technology and Mineral Area College for hosting debates featuring us four candidates for Congress.

During the debates, I tried to present deficiencies in legislation and offer alternative, though sometimes difficult, solutions for our nation. My focus will be on reducing the size and scope of the federal government. Forty cents of every dollar spent must be borrowed or printed.

For example, I brought up the concepts of eliminating the Department of Education, defunding the Environmental Protection Agency, reducing business and agriculture subsidies, making qualifications for Social Security Disability more stringent and raising the Social Security qualification age for younger workers. If you can get access to the debates online, I'm sure you will draw your own conclusions.

Lt. Col. Larry Bill, USAF (Retired), independent conservative candidate for Congress, 8th District, Missouri.


LARRY BILL, 2543 Prairie View Trail, Jackson, MO 63755

Paid for by "Committee to Elect Lawrence David Bill for Congress", Daniel Ray Brown, Treasurer

2543 Prairie View Trail, Jackson, MO 63755