Speak Out 10/17/10

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Casino poetry

THERE'S talk in the air about a gambling boat

Looks like the issue's up for a vote

Some will vote "no" and others go with "yes"

How it will turn out is anyone's guess

But I know one thing to be true

If you don't want a gambling boat, it's up to you.

No incumbents

As an independent thinker not tied to or biased by any political party, the only choice I intend to make when I vote in a few weeks is make sure my vote does not go to any incumbent. Them vs. us can be debated till hell freezes over, but the the way I see it, the only good career politician is a retired career politician. "Political party" only refers to the partying they do after you re-elect them. Voters are the only answer to term limits as the career politicians are the ones who have to pass a law to fire themselves.

Don't cut sports

CUT out all of the sports at school? You've got to be kidding.

Limbaugh's column

DAVID Limbaugh's recent column convinced me that he likes and trusts BP.

Band success

The Central Tigers Marching Band is a very hard working team, and it is a team where every member has to work as hard as everyone else. This year the band has performed at four competitions and has placed first in every one of them. I am proud of our Marching Tigers.

Cape's stimulus

The city of Cape Girardeau filed for and received $648,000 dollars of stimulus money. This is another waste of tax money. The stimulus did not work. But people keep spending more. When did it become the city's job to buy houses and fix them up for resale?

Casino future

WHAT will become of the proposed Isle of Capri casino "boat in a moat" in the near future? When it becomes more advantageous for the casino to move to "greener pastures," who will want an abandoned casino building in the middle of the water? Will it become a trash dump or a quarry or something else? Times change eventually.

Redhawks football

CONGRATULATIONS to the Redhawks football tam, coach Tony Samuel and his staff who have persevered through a lot of adversity. Their hard work has paid off this year. Coach Samuel always said to keep the faith.

Bad event

I attended a skateboard competition recently with my son at the Cape skate park. It was a disaster, poorly managed and the music was offensive.

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