Letter to the Editor

Don't be fooled on Prop B

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Humane Society of the United States wants you to believe Proposition B is aimed at stopping "puppy mill" operations. Proposition B will intentionally place law-abiding licensed breeders in the crosshairs with additional layers of costly unnecessary regulation.

* HSUS wants you to believe every dog breeder has a puppy mill. What HSUS does not want you to know is that Missouri's professional kennel owners have been state regulated since 1992, and they are currently licensed and inspected by the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Proposition B does nothing to target unlicensed dog breeders.

* HSUS wants you to believe it is a partner with your local pet shelter. What HSUS does not want you to know is it is not affiliated with your local pet shelters.

* HSUS wants you to believe funds donated from unsuspecting and compassionate animal lovers are used to help care for animals. Only half a percent of funds donated are spent on animal care.

HSUS and other extremist organizations, such as PETA, do not have the best interest at heart for Missouri's animals, outdoorsmen or farmers. If Proposition B passes, HSUS will back in our state with both outdoorsmen and farmers in their sights. We do not need new rules and regulations imposed on us from extremist who do not live in our great state. Vote no on Prop. B.

SANDY HAERTLING, Secretary, Perry County Farm Bureau Board, Perryville, Mo