Speak Out 10/15/10

Friday, October 15, 2010


DR. Journet is spreading the same type of misinformation he decries others for doing. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that none of the monies it is spending in the elections come from foreign sources.

Casting lots

THE Bible referred to gambling as casting lots, which is what the soldiers did at the foot of cross for Jesus' clothing. When somebody takes money that belongs to God and bets it on the turn of a roulette wheel or turn of a card, he or she is asking for trouble.


I would like to know if the proposed casino is going to be a smoke-free facility.

Bush's debt

EVERYBODY'S talking about how Congress has put us into debt. Has everyone forgot about how much debt former president Bush put us in?

Special interest

I think it's interesting that the biggest supporters of the riverboat are those who own the land the casino would purchase. This will result in a windfall for the property owners. Are their interests what's best for Cape Girardeau, or is it what's best for their pocketbooks?

What's the delay?

WHAT happened to all the talk earlier this year about widening County Road 205 and Bloomfield Road? I can't tell that they've done anything to it but put up a few flags.

Supervise children

PARENTS should not let their children play or sit in the street. It's an accident waiting to happen. Small children need a supervisor. It's devastating for everyone.

No gold mine

A rock quarry would not be a gold mine for the area, especially Fruitland. I've heard it will only create 20 or fewer jobs. McDonald's could create that many, and they wouldn't be tearing up the countryside. Also, the dump trucks will create traffic hazards as they pull on to U.S. 61.

Gambling in the Bible

The Bible speaks of gambling several times. Read John 19:23-24, Acts 1:23-26, Mark 15:24 and Galatians 5:19-21.

Bad change

I have a small business with five employees, and I cover their health insurance. Now my insurance company sends me a letter this month saying they're getting out of the health insurance business and concentrating on other areas. It sounds like they're trying to get out of health insurance before it gets nationalized with Obamacare. Is that the change we've been hoping to see?

Wrong reward

NOTHING irks me more than having "Movie of the Month." Alma Schrader School has done this for years. If you want to reward children, why don't you give them an extra recess so they can burn energy and calories? They talk about walking to school and stopping our children from watching too much TV, yet they reward our children with a movie.

Casino support

CAPE Girardeau needs the jobs and revenue a casino would bring. There are many addictions. If a person is addicted to gambling, they're going to gamble no matter where they have to go.

Gambling a choice

I'VE never been to a casino and I probably never will, but I wouldn't dream of telling anyone that they couldn't go.

A free-market lesson

AS the state and the federal government keep buying up more and more property and businesses, they increase their capital and take away from the tax base. There's no way you can make the private sector smaller, make government bigger and maintain adequate tax revenue. The government should sell off some of its assets, and let more private industry pay taxes. That's how we can make this country grow.

Where's the bubble

The high school boys swim teams are having their swim meets in a cold pool at the high school because the Bubble isn't up. The Bubble was supposed to be up after Labor Day. I think that this is an embarrassment for the city. With all the money from the water park that has been generated, this could have, and should have, been fixed.

Rock quarry

I do not understand the mentality of putting a rock quarry next to an existing school. The rock quarry is not welcome in our community.

Restore statue

Work began recently in Washington, D.C., to renovate the World War I memorial, which had been neglected for 40 years. At the county courthouse facing Main Street in Jackson is a weather-beaten statue to honor those from the county who perished during that bloody war. It is disgraceful for this statue to be left in such a state of decay. It is time to restore it.

Capaha pond

WHEN I moved to Cape Girardeau, Capaha Park was beautiful. Now there is so much algae in the pond that the ducks won't swim to you to get bread. Please do something about it so Cape Girardeau can continue to be beautiful.

Personalize statistics

SUNDAY'S Southeast Missourian article about the Dubuque, Iowa casino reported that "problem gambling in Iowa was about 5.4 percent of those that gamble." Let's say that 10,000 vote in Cape Girardeau's November election and the vote is evenly split. If the 5,000 who voted for the casino are gamblers, then 5.4 percent of 5,000 gamblers (270 people) could likely move toward problem gambling.

Thank you, ladies

I would like to compliment the nice ladies that work in the fabric department at Hobby Lobby. They are very nice and helpful. I enjoy shopping there.

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