Letter to the Editor

FairTax would lead to economic recovery

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'd like to give kudos to Linda Reutzel for her letter supporting the FairTax.

Already here in Missouri there's an effort underway to pass a FairTax bill to replace the state's income tax. Now there's an effort to pass it on the federal level.

With the massive taxes burdening Americans today and the Obama administration seeking to enact yet more taxes, we all need a big break. So many in America are out of work, due in part to high taxes. The FairTax would put them back to work and create more jobs, as well as save countless existing jobs. It would help those on Social Security, as these benefits wouldn't be taxed. Parents putting their children through college would be saved a substantial amount of money by not paying tuition tax, and the prebate would be a major relief for those in the lowest income brackets. Think about it: no more complicated tax forms to fill out, no reason to worry about an audit and no more money being funneled out of America by illegals.

It's high time that we get the FairTax passed so this nation can get on the fast track to recovery. You can go to the FairTax website, www.FairTax.org, to find out more.


Chaffee, Mo