Joe Sullivan

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last Thursday we celebrated the career and retirement of former Southeast Missourian editor Joe Sullivan.

Having served as a reporter, editor, columnist and publisher, Joe knows the newspaper business and is a role-model newspaper man. His wisdom on a variety of issues is a gift.

Over the last week, many of Joe's colleagues -- both past and present -- have noted the impact Joe had on their careers. Some of Joe's colleagues at other newspapers where he previously worked still call him for advice.

Joe is a man of stories. One story particularly characterizes Joe and his wife Marge. Early in his career, Joe and Marge moved to New York where Joe worked for the Wall Street Journal. One of the first things they did when moving into the apartment, being the good Midwestern couple they are, was to introduce themselves to their neighbors. They were surprised to find out that New Yorkers typically do not visit each other. Nevertheless, Joe and Marge were hospitable to these couples, and before long, the entire floor knew and socialized with each other on a regular basis.

While we'll miss seeing Joe in the newsroom every day, we're thrilled that his column will continue to run every Friday in the Southeast Missourian.

Enjoy your retirement, Joe.

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