Missouri Voters Snubbed by Blunt / Carnahan Camps

October 4,2010


Cisse Spragins, Ph.D.

Cell: 612 309 9232

Email: chair@lpmo.org

Missouri Libertarian Party to Robin Carnahan: It's a Bit Early to Be Breaking Promises

The Missouri LP criticizes Kansas City Public Television and the Carnahan and Blunt Campaigns for excluding the Libertarian candidate, Jonathan Dine, from its October 14th US Senate Debate.

In late July, Ms Carnahan issued a press release stating that she wanted to have three televised debates which included all U.S. Senate candidates on the ballot. She then followed up this statement by sending letters to all U.S. Senate candidates on the four recognized parties' primary ballots inviting them to debate "should they prevail in their respective primaries". However, the only televised debate scheduled to date will be hosted by Kansas City Public Television (KCPT) on Oct 14th and will exclude the Libertarian candidate, Jonathan Dine, as well as the Constitution Party candidate. KCPT cites its "criteria" for inclusion in the debate but has yet to cite any basis or justification for its criteria.

"It is disappointing that Ms. Carnahan publicly made a promise and has already broken that promise," noted Dr. Cisse Spragins, Missouri LP chair. "As Secretary of State, one of Ms. Carnahan's duties is to insure fair and open elections. Missouri law has specific criteria that parties and candidates must meet to be "recognized political parties" and included on the ballot. To see our Secretary of State and a public television station practice de facto censorship of legally ballot-qualified candidates is inexcusable."

"Recent polls indicate that 29% of Missourians identify themselves as neither Democrat nor Republican, and 26% of voters have not decided to support Blunt or Carnahan. In light of this strong interest in alternative voices, exclusion of all but the two older party candidates is highly inappropriate," Spragins noted.

Voters who are Fed Up! with bailouts, stimulus plans that only stimulate bigger government, government takeover of health care, rising unemployment, never-ending foreign wars, and a big brother police state will find common ground with the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party is America's third largest political party and has been fighting for smaller government since 1971. The Missouri Libertarian Party has been a recognized party in the State, with continuous ballot access since 1992. For further information visit www.lpmo.org or call 877-Vote-4-Us.