Sowers is a leader

Monday, October 4, 2010

As a historian devoted to understanding our democracy's unmatched capacity to heal itself, I'm writing to support Tommy Sowers for three simple reasons:1. Experience. This Green Beret is a decorated combat veteran who defended our country for 11 years. Tommy stood up to terrorists in the desert; he'll stand up to both party's leadership and special interests in Washington.

2. Values. Tommy is pro-life and pro-gun. His commitment to strengthening American manufacturing and farming, creating conditions for small businesses to thrive and ending the bailouts that accelerate our debt is solidly middle-class.

3. New blood. Our great nation is once again challenged, and Congress is not getting the job done. Jo Ann Emerson is part of the problem. She's been in D.C. too long, she's too cozy with special interests, and, quite frankly, she's a follower -- voting with her party over 90 percent of the time, even when it doesn't benefit rural Missouri.

We need new leadership to move America forward. Support Tommy Sowers.

JOEL P. RHODES, 2001 Yorktown, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701