Speak Out 10/3/10

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Buy insurance

I agree with the person who said some people could have insurance, but just don't want to buy it.

Casino support

I don't see a problem with the possibility of a casino being built in Cape Girardeau. I see any economic development in this area as a positive source of much needed tax revenue and jobs. And if you are against the idea of a casino, don't go. The casino could only benefit this town, not harm it.

New vote

CONCERNING Planning and Zoning in the County, I think it'd be interesting for this to be voted on today. There are quite a few more residents in the county today than there were a decade ago that aren't big land owners protecting their own interests. With the current example of a quarry arriving in people's backyards, I suspect the vote would go differently than it did in 2000. Cape County Commission: now might be the time to bring this issue back into the discussion.

Drug problem

PEOPLE are always talking about the drug problem on the south side of Cape Girardeau. People on the north, west and east side of Cape Girardeau have drug problems too, but for some reason they focus on the south side. All of Cape Girardeau needs cleaning up, not just one section. I'll go a step further: Let's clean up Missouri's record of being the meth capital.

Trust GOP?

THE Republican Party has just issued a document. The essence of much of its message is to the tea party and is summed up by "trust us." My response: why?

Bad change

I agree with the Speak Out comment that said Republican control of Congress will bring about change. It will -- for the worse.

Tests relevance

SPEAK Out and the national media have been filled with items about school and teacher performance recently. I wonder just how much the tests used to measure that performance, such as the MAP and EOC, cost the taxpayer. Some schools spend four weeks preparing students for the tests. This is all done to evaluate the school and teachers. Do these test results indicate to the parents how well their children will compete in our new economy or how well they memorize information?

Better feedback

COULDN'T Missouri employers, technical school educators and university professors provide valuable feedback to the Missouri Department of Education regarding new high school graduates? They might provide more valuable information, perhaps at a lower cost. Passing tests isn't the point of school. Getting the interview, getting the job, keeping the job, and surviving in this new difficult economy are the point of school.

Jackson maintenance

PLEASE tell me why Jackson School District keeps building new buildings when they don't take care of the ones they have. The new football locker room has a floor that needs replaced and an air conditioner that doesn't work.

Quarry problems

FRUITLAND quarry supporters, you don't know what kind of mess you are getting into. The quarry on Highway 74 in Cape Girardeau County is owned by the same person. The trucks leaving the quarry with a load do not cover their loads as required by the state. Those around the truck haver to dodge the large rocks bouncing out of the trucks.

All my best, Joe

I would like to wish Joe Sullivan all the best during his retirement. I loved all of his columns and stories about his life, especially those about his family and his cat. I'm really glad to hear he is going to continue to write his column. I also loved Mark Kneer's column about Mr. Sullivan that appeared in Wednesday's paper.

Thank you

I'M an Army veteran resident of the Missouri Veterans Home in Cape Girardeau. I wish to thank the person who found and returned my binocular case that I lost while attending the recent Mel Tillis/Ray Price musical performance at the SEMO fairgrounds.

Parole problems

If the courts allows parolees to associate with someone convicted of drug related charges, then someone needs to be voted out at the next election. Probation officers should be reminded that they are state employees. The tax paying residents of the state are the employers. If what we read is true, it would be best that they do their job or find another one.

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