Letter to the Editor

Nell Holcomb thanks

Sunday, October 3, 2010

On Sept. 19, Nell Holcomb School celebrated its 50th year in existence with an open house, reunion, program and reception. The day was an absolute success.

Special thanks to the steering committee: Mr. Mike Hahn, Ms. Karen Fornkahl, Dr. John Holcomb, Mr. Lee Pasborg and Ms. Pat Nelson, for their guidance during the planning process. Thanks to those persons who graciously allowed their treasures to be put on display. Special thanks to Dr. John Holcomb for his personal comments on Miss Nell Holcomb, Ms. Rachel Juhlin for the beautiful song and Dr. Frank Nickell for his awesome keynote speech.

Thanks to the PTO for serving refreshments throughout the day. Thanks to the Southeast Missourian for all of the coverage on the events leading up to the 50th anniversary celebration and the celebration itself. Special thanks to those past and present students, faculty, staff, administration and board members who were able to be in attendance. Also, thanks to those past students, faculty and staff who were in attendance from the six rural schools that consolidated to create Nell Holcomb School.

Of the original Nell Holcomb School Board members: Mr. Joe Schenimann, Mr. Omar Farrow, Mr. John Monroe, Mr. Otto Kirchhoff, Mr. Lester Gohn and Mr. Ernest Reimann, only Mr. Farrow and Mr. Reimann remain and both gentlemen were able to attend the celebration. Heartfelt thanks to all of these gentlemen and all others who had a hand in the birth of Nell Holcomb School for their mission, vision, and dreams.

DARRYL PANNIER, Superintendent,

Nell Holcomb R-IV School District, Cape Girardeau