Infrastructure grant to allow for expansion at TG Missouri

Sunday, October 3, 2010
In this file photo Linda Kiefer operates a robotic clip machine for automobile cluster finish panels and meter hoods at TG Missouri in Perryville, Mo. (Fred Lynch)

PERRYVILLE, Mo. -- A half-million-dollar economic development grant for electricity system upgrades will help create 50 jobs over the next two years at TG Missouri in Perryville.

Gov. Jay Nixon visited TG Missouri Friday to announce the $500,000 Industrial Infrastructure Community Development Block Grant for the city of Perryville needed to make the project possible.

Citizens Electric will work with the city to install a larger transformer at the city's industrial park that will allow for expansion at TG and provide increased capacity needed to recruit businesses, city administrator Brent Buerck said.

Citizens Electric will contribute $500,000 in matching funds toward the cost of the electric system upgrades, he said.

"I am deeply committed to making sure that Missouri's automotive industry remains vibrant for generations to come, which includes auto supplier companies like TG Missouri that can be found in every region of our state," Nixon said.

TG plans to add two production lines for chrome plating to help the company keep up with rising sales.

This is the second major jobs announcement in Perryville less than a month, with Sabreliner expanding its aircraft refurbishing facility and adding 400 jobs in the next five years.

Opened in 1985, the company now employs 1,175 workers at its Perryville site, where it produces interior and exterior components such as dashboards, console accessories, airbags and steering wheels. TG Missouri is a major supplier for Toyota and serves customers throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Mexico and Taiwan.

The collaboration of businesses, city staff, county commissioners and regional planners has brought about Perryville's recent manufacturing growth, said Mayor Debbie Gahan.

"As we grow, we always ask our industries to consider local businesses when they are looking for contractors and subcontractors," Gahan said.

The city's manufacturing success is adding to the city's tax base and also trickles down to other area businesses, she said.

"The guy pumping gas is pumping more gas, the people selling doughnuts are selling more doughnuts and the guy selling smoked meats is selling more meat," she said, referring to well-known Perryville businesses Hoeckele's Bakery and Stonie's Sausage Shop.

Gahan also hopes to see an increase in housing starts in the Perryville area because of the new jobs.

"We will have a need for moderate and higher-end homes," she said. "And we've got the available land to build on."


Pertinent address:

2200 Plattin Road, Perryville, MO

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