Casino Will Create New Jobs & More Revenue

Friday, October 1, 2010

I continue to read stories and speak out opinions from people who are opposed to the casino on the basis of morality as well as those who think that small businesses will go under because of it.

To all of these people I say, please look at the BIG PICTURE!

If you are morally opposed to the casino, then just DON'T GO. Don't buy lottery tickets, don't participate in raffles, don't play bingo and don't impose your beliefs on others that might want to.

If you think having a casino will create a gambler that will spend all his/her money gambling and thereby deprive their family of food and shelter, then ponder this: a person with an addictive personality will get their "Fix" one way or another and more than likely already are. Having a casino will not change that. That individual must desire change in their own life and dedicate their life to that change.

In fact, casino employees are trained to notice this type of behavior and recommend help to individuals. Casinos have advertising posted throughout their facilities with phone numbers for Gamblers Anonymous. Casinos gain nothing from negative publicity.

If you think having a casino will take business away from other small businesses, then ponder this: right now small downtown business are suffering because there are only so many people in Cape and even fewer that actually work and patronize downtown.

The casino is projected to bring ONE MILLION NEW visitors to Cape each year. Do you realize what ONE MILLION NEW visitors annually to Downtown Cape means? Think about it.

This project is endorsed by Old Town Cape, Inc., the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce, the Cape Girardeau Convention and Tourism board as well as many others. They understand the full scope of what this casino would mean to Cape Girardeau and small businesses.

For those that think the casino will cause more crime, ponder this: with the additional revenue coming into the city, more policemen can be added to patrol this area, thereby cutting down on crime. Also, the casino will employ plenty of security and anyone that wants an escort to their vehicle, will get it. How much safer can you get?

The prospect of jobs and revenue to the city should make everyone want to jump up and down with enthusiasm. Take Booville for instance. They are a prime example of how a casino revitalized and basically saved their town. But don't take my word for it. Go to and check it out for yourself.

Isle of Capri is willing to pour millions into this project. They believe Cape is the right place to be. They are interested in forming a partnership with Cape...a win win situation for all of us.

I work in Downtown Cape and every day I have to drive by the blight and ugliness of derelict houses and empty littered lots. It's pathetic as well as disheartening. This property could be used for something beautiful and beneficial.

I would ask everyone considering a "No" vote to reconsider and really think about the benefits Cape would receive from a casino.

And for those that are in favor of the casino, GET OUT THERE AND VOTE! Make your voice heard!

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