Speak Out 10/1/10

Friday, October 1, 2010

Public school results

WHAT do you expect from a government-run school? Cape Girardeau public schools want more money. What's been done with the money from the last bond issue? I need to see some results from this bond issue before I consider a donation.

Crime infestation

TO the author of the Speak Out comment titled "Casino assets": By the time you ended your comment, you indicated that the area around the casino remained crime-infested.

More than money

I think it is important that Cape Girardeau realize that there are things more worth pursuing than money. Do you want your children growing up in such proximity to gambling? The casino boats in St. Louis are close enough. Keep in mind that most religions are uncompromisingly against gambling. Too many good families are affected by gambling addiction already. Ask the families of victims of this disease if the perceived benefits are worth the costs.

Obama's track record

TO the person who praised President Obama and said one of his accomplishments is getting us out of Iraq, you evidently haven't learned a thing in the past two years. President Obama may say he's going to do something, but he hasn't done it yet. In fact, more of our young men have been killed recently. I think you're counting your chickens before they hatch.

Fix the flag

I passed by the VFW on Kingshighway the other day and was appalled. The flags in front of the building were faded and torn. You are supposed to be the example. Fix it.

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