Emerson Serves Pork to Lobbyists at DC Fundraiser

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At 5:30 PM today Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson is scheduled to hold a "Missouri Barbeque" fundraiser at a location registered to a lobbying firm in Washington, DC. The minimum contribution to have barbeque with Congresswoman Emerson is $1,000. The invitation to the fundraiser can be found here: http://politicalpartytime.org/party/23366/#invite

Sowers for Congress Campaign Manager Jonathan Feifs issued the following statement:

"Is it supposed to be humorous that Congresswoman Emerson is serving pork to lobbyists for $1000 a plate? It doesn't get more out of touch than this. It is no surprise voters are incredibly frustrated and disappointed in incumbents like Emerson. When the DC special interests are being served pork on a silver platter, it's clear whose interests are being served, and it's not the small businesses and small towns Emerson claims to represent.

"This behavior represents everything that is wrong with our politics today. It is going to take new blood to change Washington, and that's Tommy Sowers, a veteran who is in this race to serve the people of his home, not the DC special interests."

Like Emerson, Tommy Sowers will be holding a Missouri Barbeque at 5:30 PM today. However, Sowers' barbeque event is not a fundraiser and it will take place in Rolla, MO at Johnny's Pit Barbeque instead of in Washington, DC. Members of the community are invited to join Tommy for barbeque and discussion.

Tommy Sowers released an ad this week that highlights Emerson's ties to special interests in DC, which include taking 45% of her campaign contributions from special interest PACs. The ad, entitled "Horse Manure," can be viewed here: http://www.sowersforcongress.com/videos

Tommy Sowers, a native of Rolla and an 11-year Army Special Forces veteran who served two tours in Iraq, is running for Congress in Missouri's 8th District against incumbent Jo Ann Emerson, a former insurance lobbyist and native of the Washington, DC beltway.

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