Reduce government spending

Monday, September 27, 2010

In 2005, I noticed wages weren't rising but house prices went up. Those with poor credit bought with nothing down. I read "The Coming Crash in the Housing Market" by John R. Talbott, Copyright 2003. Talbott explained that Fannie Mae counted on an implied government bailout. He stated rating agencies overrated mortgage-backed bonds and duped institutional and foreign investors. Talbott forecast the 2008 taxpayer bailout known as TARP.

Now I believe hyperinflation is coming. The Federal Reserve has doubled the dollars in circulation in the last two years. Businesses have banked $2 trillion and won't use it due to uncertainty. Gold prices are climbing. When the economy picks up, this glut of money will chase limited resources; buying power for those on fixed incomes will go down. Reducing government spending takes pressure off the Federal Reserve to print money. Eliminating government uncertainty will encourage businesses to use their reserves.

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