Emerson's leadership is best

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tommy Sowers and his supporters consistently write this paper attacking Jo Ann Emerson and belittling our congressional district. They do it so often I'm wondering if Mr. Sowers has anything positive to say about southern Missouri at all. Last week, on national TV, Sowers went so far as to suggest some aspects of life in Iraq are better than what we enjoy here.

There's no doubt our local economy, like our nation's, is struggling, but since I moved here five years ago I've seen our infrastructure improve and our community continue to grow and develop.

As the Missourian reported, Emerson is crushing Sowers by 40 points. She's talking about the issues important to us: job-creation, keeping our taxes low, repealing the Obamacare Mr. Sowers supports, cutting spending and smaller government.

I'll take Emerson's leadership over Sowers dishonest attacks and belittling attitude any day. Apparently so will most in our district.

PATRICK RYAN VanGORKOM, 41 East Rodney Drive, Apt. 19, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701