Letter to the Editor

We can't afford casino

Monday, September 27, 2010

I am proud to call Cape Girardeau my home. However, recently I have become concerned about the prospect of a casino becoming a part of our beautiful city. I harbor strong opposition to the proposed casino.

A casino is profitable to the owners at the expense of the losers. These losers are those least able to afford to lose. Many will be gambling trying to "hit it big" with money that should be used to provide for their families. I have no idea what the ratio of winners to losers is, but I do know there are many more losers than winners. If this was not so, there would be no casinos.

We have heard about the entertainment and restaurant benefits of the proposed casino. However, this is not what brings in millions of dollars. We hear the word "gaming" as if it is nothing more than entertainment, but we don't hear about people gambling away their livelihood, and this will happen. Gambling addiction is just like any other addiction. Nothing else matters to the addict, and addicts will be created right here in Cape Girardeau if the casino is approved in November.

Can we afford to allow a casino in Cape Girardeau with a clear conscience?

HOWARD BROWN, Cape Girardeau