Vision of the future dictates actions in the present

Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is the time for visionaries.

Visions are born in the souls of men and women who are consumed with what could be and what should be. Without vision, the constant onset of activity that seems to be utterly meaningless becomes, not things that we do, but our lives. With vision, getting a gallon of milk from the store becomes more than an errand to run. Vision is vital. These are the times for visionaries.

Jack and his brother Hank (names have been changed) were given the task of building a fence on their father's farm. They were told to set the fence posts 8 feet apart on center and the post must be buried 36 inches in the ground. They were not allowed to compromise on any their instructions. Their summer that year consisted of digging and setting fence posts.

Forty years later, their father was now in his late 70s and had moved off the farm. He recruited his two boys to construct a fence around his garden. They had similar instructions. Set apart the post 8 feet on center but bury them 18 inches in the ground.

Jack, always more vocal than Hank, was perplexed.

"Dad, do you remember when we spent the entire summer building a fence on the farm?"


"Then you wanted the post buried 36 inches and now you want them 18. Why the difference?"

Dad responded, "Son, when you built that fence I wanted it last about 40 years. I need this one to last 20, which will probably outlive me."

The fence material was similar. The fence builders were similar. There were even similarities in the instructions. The difference between the two fences was the vision.

Vision of what the future could be and should be affects the day-to-day routine of getting things done.

Gideon understood this when he spent his days hiding in a cave threshing wheat. His vision of the future was one of despair. So he spent his day to day in hiding.

The vision of the future you create and are moving toward will be consciously and unconsciously be carried out in your day to day living. These are the days for visionaries. What are you doing today to live out what could be and what should be.

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