Entrepreneurs deserve respect

During the SEMO District Fair, we discussed solutions with the hundreds of 8th District residents who visited our booth in the Arena Building. Thank you all for coming by. As I applaud the efforts of veterans, first responders, teachers, preachers, volunteers and others, another group that has my deep respect is the self-employed entrepreneur.

Near our booth were several vendors seeking the American dream for themselves and their families as they promoted their small businesses. Even with all of the discouragement in our midst, they optimistically displayed their confidence in our American economy as they sought out customers for their products.

I also encountered and often thanked other small-business owners. Their persistence, hard work, creativity and risk of personal assets provide employment for others. Entrepreneurs with employees accept a burden where the livelihoods of families depend on them making the right decisions. Know you are appreciated and inspiring.

LARRY BILL, 2543 Prairie View Trail, Jackson, MO 63755

Paid for by Committee to Elect Lawrence David Bill for Congress, Daniel Ray Brown, Treasurer, 2543 Prairie View Trail, Jackson, MO 63755