Carnahan Campaign Kicks off "Veterans for Robin"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Growing Group of Missouri Veterans Join Robin's Team to Stand Up for Our Men and Women in Uniform

Today, Robin Carnahan's campaign launched Veterans for Robin to bring together Missourians who share her commitment to honoring our veterans. The group is co-chaired by veterans from across the state: Jim Adams, Vernon County; Melissa Thee, Buchanan County; Emmett Fairfax, Pettis County; Phillip Boyd, St. Louis County; Jack Hembree, Greene County; and Jerry Howard, Stoddard County.

Robin knows there is no room for politics when it comes to providing our men and women in uniform with the training and equipment they need when they are abroad, as well as the financial security and benefits they deserve when they return home.

Robin has a record of standing up for Missouri veterans and current members of the military. As Secretary of State, Robin worked across party lines to pass the Veterans Business Protection Act - making it easier for those serving overseas to keep their businesses in good standing with the state after they return home. This year, Robin worked to help pass a bipartisan proposal that makes sure those serving overseas can vote simply and timely.

"As a military officer, I support Robin because she will bring a common sense approach to foreign policy issues. She supports a strong and equipped military force that will be deployed when it actually serves our national interests."

- Patrick M., Jackson County

"I am retired Air Force. I support Robin Carnahan for US Senate because she is not simply going to pay our veterans lip service and abandon them when you have a chance to stand up for them. We need someone who will be a fighter for our armed services and make sure they are treated with respect when they return home. Robin Carnahan will be that person."

- Leevard T., Saint Louis County

While Robin has fought for veterans as Secretary of State, Congressman Roy Blunt has spent the past 14 years in Washington sticking it to veterans. In May, Blunt voted against ending an unfair tax on disabled veterans. He has also opposed funding for veterans' health care and voted against providing job assistance for veterans returning home from overseas. [Rep. Skelton Release, 5/28/10; HR 4213, Vote # Vote #324 5/28/10; CQ House Action Reports, No. 110-3, 3/20/07; HR 1591, Vote 186, 3/23/07; Statements by Rep. Kildee, 109th Congressional Record, pg. H915, 3/2/05; Statement by Rep. Schakowsky, 109th Congressional Record, pg. H2074, 4/14/05; HR27, Vote 47, 3/02/05]

"I know she is for Veterans benefits. I have met her and know she does not bend with the wind, she is her own person and I like her principles. She also has a great background."

- William B., Lafayette County

Read More Statements and Videos From Supporters here.

As Robin travels throughout the state, she hears directly from veterans across Missouri about the issues impacting them, and today, she is proud to receive support from so many of them. Visit Robin's campaign website to learn about her plans to stand up for Missouri's veterans. To learn more about Veterans for Robin, visit its website.

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