Running to improve 8th District

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Voters of the 8th District: As the election draws nearer, you'll be hearing a lot from my opponent and from the special-interest groups funding her campaign. Unfortunately, a lot of what you hear will not be true. It will be typical D.C. politics. This is already taking place in my opponent's attack ads on TV, where instead of talking about a plan she's talking about D.C. politicians that I've never met.

Most of the voters I speak with have had it with typical D.C. politics, and so have I. It's why I'm running for Congress. Our current leaders, including congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson, have had their shot, and they're not getting the job done. We've given congresswoman Emerson 14 years, and during that time we've lost over 16,000 jobs at 150 plants. Bad trade deals that she supported have destroyed our manufacturing base. Our infrastructure is poor and outdated in many areas, and that's preventing us from bringing in new jobs. We have veterans and seniors who deserve better care than they're getting. And we have troops in Afghanistan who deserve a clearly defined objective so that they can accomplish it and come home.

I'm running to bring new infrastructure so that we can create jobs. I'm running to lead the debate on the Afghanistan war because for too long Congress has been silent. I served my country for 11 years in the military, and now I'm running for Congress to serve my home.

I encourage voters to learn where I stand. Visit my website at, meet me out on the campaign trail or call your local field office at 573-614-7125.

TOMMY SOWERS, 614 N. Pine St., Suite 202, Rolla, MO 65401