Speak Out 9/16/10

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Obama's changes

HAS anyone researched unemployment? Nobody wants to hear it was President Bush's fault. Job growth ceased in January 2008. By the end of that year, unemployment increased from under 5 percent to over 7 percent, and it's continued to increase. Do you expect President Obama to undo eight years of Bush policies in 18 months? At the beginning of 2008, I received my first pay cut with my company of eight years. I received three more pay cuts by the end of 2008 before leaving. When filing our income tax this year, we were rewarded by my president for being working Americans with the working man's tax, and we received a couple of hundred dollars rather than having to pay a few. After my husband lost his job and benefits and drew an unemployment check that was less than half of his previous earnings, we were able to get help with our mortgage, and for that we are forever grateful. My husband finally found a job paying even less than his unemployment check. Bush said on Sept. 24, 2008: "Our entire economy is in danger." He urged Congress to pass a $700 billion bailout proposal. By the end of Bush's second term my family was in financial ruin. I was so ready for the changes that Obama was talking about.

Gambling worries

IN reading our mayor's comments about all the improvements he has planned for Cape Girardeau with all the millions we would receive from a casino, it sounds as though we'll have a first-rate city. But has he thought about where the those millions would come from? Picture those children who would go hungry because their parents took their food money to gamble. Or older people who would be trying to win money for their medicine. We would be making improvements on the backs of our own poor people. I know some individuals gamble for recreation and limit the amount they can lose, but for others it's an addiction.

No quarry

IT'S inappropriate that a rock quarry would be put at I-55 at Fruitland. We see what the rock quarry south of Cape Girardeau has done. There's already a rock quarry in the Neeley's Landing area. You can already feel the blasting from there. It would be unfair to ask people who live off Highway 177 to have another rock quarry.

British invasion

IF Michael Medved is right about middle-class Londoners suffering through harsher living conditions than poor Americans, why don't we see a wave of immigration from England? Surely those middle-class Brits would be smart enough to follow Medved's logic by selling their $625,000 homes (the average price in the greater London area) and buying houses in impoverished American communities.

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