Speak Out 9/14/10

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Channel rescue

I'M calling about Station 3 at the fire department. I would like to thank all those firefighters who went to the Diversion Channel to rescue two of my fellow fishermen when their boat broke down. The firefighters did a great job. Thank you to the Cape Girardeau Fire Department for having that service available.

Appropriate shoes

YES, Jesus Christ wore sandals, but that was the appropriate custom of the day. Sandals are still considered appropriate in the workplace, even schools, today. Flip-flops are not the same as sandals, and they aren't typically accepted in a business setting. Jesus never wore flip-flops.

Put foot down

THE Rev. Terry Jones is right about one thing. It is time for us to put our foot down. Burning the Quran is disrespectful. But we need to stand up for Christianity and our rights in our own country. We need to stop the idiocy.

Downtown living

I'M an older person who does not go to bars. It seems to me that when you choose to live in the downtown area, you choose to live with what goes on there. You need to decide if that's the area you want to live in before you invest in a house.

It's all gambling

WHERE is the petition I can sign to abolish bingo? You can't be for bingo and against a casino. They are both gambling. What is wrong with having revenue that goes to our public schools?

Middle class

YOU should read Michael Medved's book, "The Five Big Lies About American Business." It responds to the belief that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Chapter 2 shows our so-called poor of today are living far in excess of our middle class just 30 years ago. Using government figures Medved shows that there are poor Americans living better than the middle class of Paris, London, Athens and other European cities. President Obama and the Democrats who are trying to destroy capitalism or the free-enterprise system that made this country possible should read this book.

Income and jobs

I hope a casino comes to Cape Girardeau. If church members don't want to go to the casino, that's fine. But they shouldn't keep a casino from coming to town because it's going to generate income and jobs.

Quarry welcome

I think it's great that we're getting a rock quarry in Fruitland and a bigger rock quarry close to Route W and Route Y. This is going to add to the economy in the Fruitland area. The number of jobs will help our unemployment situation. I hope the citizens welcome these two additions with open arms.

Adult responsibility

I have no problem with a casino coming to Cape Girardeau. I don't particularly enjoy gambling. Some people do. My wife likes to go to a casino now and then. She sees it as entertainment, and she has a good time. I think it would be nice to have a casino in Cape Girardeau. I am not going to blame the casino if I decide to gamble away $100 or even my entire paycheck. I am an adult. Blaming a casino because someone blows his paycheck there is silly. If you don't like it, don't go there. If you do, then let's build it.

Animal safety

TO the people living in the Fruitland area along Route W: please be aware there are two vicious pit bulls running at large. These dogs killed our beloved family pet and came after me. One dog is gray and white. The other is brown and white, if you see them, please call the sheriff's department at 243-3551. Ask for deputy Ed Curtis.

More regulation

AFTER suffering through the most massive financial meltdown in American history and a Bernie Madoffian shakedown of thousands of U.S. investors, a German professor named Thomas Straubhaar attempted to criticize the American people by suggesting we "no longer have faith in the self-healing forces of the private sector." No, professor, we don't. Nor should we. We have learned a very hard lesson about what happens when we abandon effective government regulation and rely exclusively on the mystical guiding hand of laissez-faire economics, something thought silly even by the so-called father of capitalism, Adam Smith.

Left behind

SOMEONE deemed Jackson's new grading system a cover for further dumbing down education. I don't know if that is possible, since the standards resulting from the No Child Left Behind Act emphasize math and reading. The program pays no attention to history, art, government and the humanities in general, thus forcing teachers to throw in the towel on a well-rounded education and teach to the tests. Sadly, there is a consensus among parents and both political parties that this is the way to go. If our goal is to develop well-rounded persons and informed public participants in our democratic system, then in the name of leaving no child behind we are leaving them all behind.

Less government

IT is evident liberals do not understand simple economics. When people and businesses are taxed more, the money goes for more wasteful, intrusive government spending. Your income will be reduced to purchase goods and services to support the economy. Businesses will have less for raises or expansions that lead to more jobs. Increased taxes and out-of-control government spending have resulted in a bad economy. The administration believes spending even more will stimulate the economy. Keep in mind that the $787 billion stimulus was supposed to correct the economy but has only made it worse, since the money didn't go into the economy but into bigger government. Throwing more government money raised by increasing taxes will only lead to a worse economic condition. Bigger government is the problem, not the solution. That has been proven.

Revenue prospects

THUS far the opponents of a casino have refused to provide any serious proposals regarding increased revenue for the city. Instead, they have chosen to focus their arguments on moral grounds. Here is an economic issue for them that should be answered before the November vote. If a casino were to be approved, how does the city council intend to spend the additional revenue? Will it use the money to cut taxes and repay debt or buy new cars and create more programs? Without a pledge by the council on this issue, the voters are essentially being asked to give the city a blank check.

Stop all gambling

THIS town does not need a sinful gambling casino. In addition to the casino on the ballot, I wish we also could vote to stop bingo, scratch-offs and Powerball.

Pet responsibility

IF you have pets, be responsible owners. Don't let your sick pets wander the streets to get hit by a driver. Have them on a leash. Take them to a vet. If it is their time to go, do the right thing.

Right president

SOMEONE quoted Scripture to the effect that when evil people are in power, the crime rate increases. Since the crime rate in America continues to drop in most major categories, it renews my faith that we have the right president in power.

Make it louder

RESIDENTS complaining about excessive noise emanating primarily from Bel Air's bands have no legal standing. The law presumes they should have known that living where they do would expose them to a pre-existing condition. In fact, many music lovers who live in and around Bel Air specifically and downtown Cape Girardeau in general are so outraged by the complaints being lodged they are, in effect, urging the proprietors of Bel Air and other downtown establishments that host bands to pump up the volume.

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