Troubling Look Into Blunt's Time in Washington

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First in Series of Releases to Keep Congressman Blunt Honest About His Record of Corruption in Washington

St. Louis, MO - This week, new reports in Missouri newspapers are raising even more questions after Congressman Blunt tried to dodge the truth about his relationship with convicted felon and super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Starting today, the Carnahan campaign is issuing a series of releases to keep Congressman Blunt honest about his record of corruption in Washington.

First, the Kansas City Star outlined a series of events and shady deals from Congressman Blunt's record of corruption in a new story, "Missourian Embraces Role of the Insider,"[] and quoted an independent analyst who said, "[Congressman Blunt] became very close to what we might call the wrong people." And in "Blunt's ties to Abramoff resurface"[] the St. Louis Post-Dispatch detailed how Congressman Blunt's questionable connections and refusal to answer questions about his Washington record are putting him on the defensive.

Congressman Blunt Tries to Dodge the Truth, Raises New Questions:


* 2010 - Blunt Never Took Money From Abramoff Indian Tribes With Gaming Interests. According to the Kansas City Star, "Snyder said that Blunt never accepted free meals and never knew he was even on the list. He also never took money from the Indian tribes seeking gambling casino licenses who were Abramoff's clients and whom the lobbyist was accused of defrauding. Snyder said Blunt opposed Indian gaming." [Kansas City Star, 9/3/10]


* Blunt Received Thousands of Dollars From Abramoff Client Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. According to campaign finance records, Blunt's PAC Rely on Your Beliefs Fund received a $5,000 contribution from Abramoff client Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians on May 18, 2000. []


* Blunt Spokesperson: Roy Blunt Has Never Met Jack Abramoff. According to the Kansas City Star, "But Blunt spokeswoman Burson Snyder, who responded to most of the issues raised in this story by critics, points out: 'Roy Blunt has never met Jack Abramoff.'" [Kansas City Star, 9/3/10]


* Congressman Blunt Was a "Friend of Owner" at Jack Abramoff's Restaurant. Jack Abramoff's restaurant, "Signatures," became a venue for back room deals that fed Washington's culture of corruption. According to the New York Times, just "eight current or former lawmakers," including Blunt, were on the "FOO" list. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 09/07/2010; New York Times, 7/6/05]

* FEC Reports Indicate That Abramoff and Indicted Lobbyists Contributed To A Fancy Fundraiser Congressman Blunt Hosted in Washington, D.C. On October 24, 2001, Jack Abramoff, Abramoff's lobbying firm, and other lobbyists indicted in connection to the Abramoff scandal made contributions to Blunt's PAC, Rely on Your Beliefs fund. Campaign finance records indicate that Blunt had a fundraiser at Barolo Ristorante in Washington DC on that date. []

* Billing Records Showed Meeting Between Team Abramoff and Blunt. According to the AP, Abramoff's billing records showed at least one meeting of Abramoff's lobbying team with Cong Blunt himself and at least three with Blunt's staff. [Associated Press, 10/6/05]

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