Scott City High School's Michaela Cobb has a goal for her senior year: Produce enough sculptures for a solo art show

Thursday, September 9, 2010
Michaela Cobb, a senior and advanced art student at Scott City High School, works on a colored pencil drawing during class on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2010. (Kristin Eberts)

Michaela Cobb has a goal for her senior year. The Scott City High School student plans on working on a number of sculptures all year and presenting them in a solo show in May. Cobb, 17, also plays basketball and works at the Ice Cream Corner in Scott City. She plans on attending Southeast Missouri State University in 2011.

How long have you been doing art? I have been doing art since sophomore year. That's when I became really interested in it and decided I wanted to be an art teacher. Mr. Miller's art class made me start to really love and enjoy art.

Why do you enjoy it? Because I love drawing and creating new ideas for an art project. I enjoy experimenting with different materials and learning new techniques.

What's your favorite medium? I like to use watercolors and making casting sculptures from tape.

Do you have any odd rituals or habits when you work? I like to have a big table to work at because I can't stand when anything is cluttered.

Who inspires you? Mr. Miller inspires me because he is always pushing me to do better and really wants me to excel in art.

Are any family members artists? No, not that I know of.

Tell me about this portfolio/project you're working on. I am currently working on a series of sculptures. It is a foam head that I carved and is going to connect to a wire body. I will be covering the foam with multi-colored paper. Each sculpture will have a different composition but with this consistent theme of subject and media. I am hoping to create many of these and have a solo art show at the end of the year.

Have you been to any museums to see the masters? No, not yet. Hopefully I will soon.

If you could go to any museum or see the work of any artist, where/who would it be? I don't really know where I would go in particular, but I would like to see a museum with more sculptures either indoor or outdoor. I just need to be exposed to as much art as possible.

What's your favorite snack food? Summer sausage, cheese and crackers.

What's your favorite color? Lime green.

Do you like ...

Reading the book or watching the movie? Watching a movie

Flying or driving for vacation? Driving

Rural or city? Rural

Mountains or ocean? Ocean

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