Tommy Sowers deserves chance

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Political TV ads state that Roy Blunt and Jo Ann Emerson will work for jobs. What have Blunt and Emerson been doing the 14 years she has been the 8th District representative?

From what I have read, Blunt has been doing a lot of work for himself. He likes to marry lobbyists because it is profitable. Is this more election propaganda? We have had 30 years of Emersons. People vote for the names they recognize, not for what Jo Ann has accomplished for the district. Tommy Sowers gave 11 years of his life to serve our country. That is way more than Blunt or Emerson have done in 14 years. This is the first time Jo Ann has had to work for her money. She had no competition before.

The unions have been persuaded to support Emerson if they want more piecemeal jobs. What about the unemployed nonunion workers? What has she promised them for their physical and monetary support?

Why is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce paying for Roy Blunts TV ads?

I would like to ask Josh Bill if he ever questioned why Peter Kinder isn't married. Does that make Peter a homosexual? You keep implying that about Tommy Sowers because he is single. What is good for the the goose is good for the old gander.

I have met Tommy's girlfriend. Is there anything wrong with keeping her out of politics?

Tommy deserves a chance to prove he can help the 8th District. He is from Missouri, and his heart is here, unlike Jo Ann, who is from Maryland.

Green Berets are tough. They get the job done right. Vote your heart, not your politics.

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