Speak Out 9/2/10

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hate speech

PEOPLE are so quick to spread their hate speech against anything and everything they disagree with. They have forgotten what the Constitution is or want to ignore it or even rewrite it to suit their agenda. You have become liberal, conservative, independent, libertarian or some other political affiliation while neglecting to be an American.

Loud party

I read with disgust the article about the party at the 5H ranch. This event blared loud music to 1:30 in the morning, waking or keeping awake those trying to sleep. It received scores of complaints from residents in Jackson, Cape Girardeau and Cape Girardeau County. The music was so loud the complaints were coming from three to five miles away. We live two and a half miles away and could easily hear the music from inside with the windows closed. I urge everyone to support a county noise ordinance to stop this from happening again.

Making changes

TINKERING with the Constitution, as one person put it, needs to be done occasionally. If we never changed it, we would still have slavery and women would be denied the vote. However, the changes should be made by ratification and not by judges interpreting it according to their own political persuasion.

Curbing pets

THE local Humane Society takes in literally thousands of wonderful animals every year and cannot find homes for them all. So the only choice they have is to euthanize thousands a year. Please know that by not having your pets spayed or neutered you are contributing to this tragedy. If you are not able to afford the procedure, the Humane Society has funds available to assist you. It also has a spay day every year when local veterinarians lower their fees and provide vouchers to those who need to have their pets altered. Other communities have conquered this problem. Ending this tragedy is up to you.

More support

BYRON York talked about President Obama saying the Arabic call to prayer was one of the prettiest sounds at sunset. I think all religions have beauty. Recognizing that beauty doesn't make you particular to that faith. I don't think Obama should be put under a microscope. I think he's pretty much doing his best as president, and he needs more support and less gibberish.

Low-key Michelle

MICHELLE Obama does not make a spectacle of herself. She's doing nothing different from what Jacqueline Kennedy did. She might even be a little more low-keyed.

Traffic plan

I am a frequent visitor to downtown Cape Girardeau. I would like to know what the Isle of Capri casino traffic plan is. It looks like it would be a mess to get cars downtown unless the Isle of Capri has a better idea than what I think it has.

Band courtesy

I attended the football game at Houck Stadium Friday evening. It was a great game, and the Central team deserved the applause that went their way. There was another group of students on the field that evening: Cape Central Marching Band. These young people begin practice three weeks before the beginning of school year and continue to practice after school several afternoons a week. They give up their Friday evenings to perform for pregame and halftime entertainment. The disrespect shown these young men and women was disgraceful. Their director allowed them to leave the field midway through the show because no one was paying attention to them. If you don't want to listen to a fine performance, at least be courteous enough to remain quiet so those who enjoy the music can hear it and show these young people the respect they deserve. You owe them an apology. You know who you are.

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