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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Most churches take seriously their mission of caring for those in need. Lynwood Baptist Church of Cape Girardeau envisions some possibilities that could have an enormous impact on meeting some of those needs. It is calling this new ministry Greater Things Vision.

The vision includes transitional shelters and a center for Bible study that could, down the road, lead to an associate of arts degree for those completing the Midwest Center for Spiritual Transformation's eight courses over three years.

The Greater Things Vision group at Lynwood plans to help those in need of transitional housing by opening a 16-bed women's shelter first, followed by shelters for children and for men and even a clinic.

All of these efforts would be funded by money raised by the Greater Things Vision group, which is seeking not-for-profit status. Grants and other sources outside the church will also be tapped for funding.

Several members of Lynwood Baptist Church already have experience working with people in recovery or victims of abuse through counseling. They are excited about the Greater Things Vision opportunities that lie ahead.

Hats off to Lynwood -- and the many other churches in our area -- for the efforts to take ministry to new heights.

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