Speak Out 8/31/10

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Different approach

The debate over the ground zero mosque is another part of the never-ending fight over which religion is the supposed righteous one. The more I follow this fight, which pits one ancient text full of magical tales against another, I'm more vocal about my own position as an atheist. The argument over written passages made over a thousand years ago by competing and often warring leaders looks completely childish in today's world. Atheists are free to approach conflicts rationally and with less prejudice than our religious-minded counterparts. This approach would be well-served in a world torn apart by so many religious conflicts.

Respect teachers

TEACHERS would consider dressing more professionally when individuals in the community treat them as professionals. I have been in many schools and have seen a few teachers who could work on their dress. But most dress professionally. The community scrutinizes everything these professionals do. These are the only professionals I know who have to sit on the floor with students, take students to recess, walk from one end of the building to another multiple times during their day in professional shoes and spend most of the rest of the day standing while teaching. These teachers deserve respect from the community.

Casino stand

OUR mayor seems to be in favor of a casino coming to Cape Girardeau. That is disappointing to me as a voter who believed Harry Rediger would vote according to his core beliefs. His church, of which he is an active member, has been opposed to gambling and to the casino effort in the past. I guess Mr. Rediger either doesn't agree with a basic tenet of the religious organization of which he's a member or he's a hypocrite. Either way, I'm not impressed.

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