Parker predicts another Emerson win

Monday, August 30, 2010
Bob Parker in Cape Girardeau, Mo

Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, "We don't need bigger government; we need government to get out of the way."

Just words.....



CAFTA, that destroyed our jobs and Manufacturing base.

410 Billion dollar Omnibus Bill with over 9,000 EARMARKS including one of hers for 3 million to support the Emerson Hunger Center that is all about wealth redistribution that has cost us Billions.

Co-Sponsered HR 3936 to bailout the UNION PENSION FUNDS, a potiential 165 BILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT. This is Emerson's idea of smaller government??

She voted for CASH for CLUNKERS. Cost? $24,000 per car. This is not capitalism and it is not smaller government!

Mrs. Emerson/Gladney says one thing while campaigning here in Missouri, and votes another way in Washington. These are just a few of these votes.

Our struggle for the truth is not over. The voters must be informed of the truth and the record. I talked to thousands in this district and most were un-aware of this record.

I do congratulate Mrs. Emerson for running a great campaign in the primary. No Debates! No townhalls! No Tea Party events! No mention of her hard-core Conservative opponent!

Excellent job Jo Ann! You kept the deception going! Tell the voters one thing, keep mentioning Obama, Reed, and Polosi. It worked! You are to be commended. You are a truly professional polititian! Your advisors are the best in the business. You told people I was polling 8% in the primary, not 35% as the vote came in. Great job! It worked!

I predict another Emerson win, because who in their right mind would vote for a Democrat to go help Obama dismantle our country and no one else has the money or the political machine to upset the general election. When the voters in the 8th district finally get the truth, things will change. Thousands of good people in this district are committed to seeing that happen. Let's take America back, but first, let's take back the Republican party to true Conservatism which is smaller, less intrusive and less expensive government.

The financial clock is ticking for America. When it really comes undone, many will realize the empty words and promises of our ultimate Washington insider, Mrs. Emerson.

Emerson's latest ads talk about needing jobs. NAFTA and CAFTA were major players in destroying those jobs and the Emerson's were part of it. More empty words about jobs. What will you do to bring them back Jo Ann? All you do is talk and do photo ops. Missouri is dying a slow economic death and Jo Ann Emerson is helping to drive the stake through it's financial heart. In my opinion, she does not care about us, she cares about getting re-elected!

Our battle is not over. The fight for truth and a return to Constitutional Government is just beginning.

Bob Parker

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