Speak Out 8/30/10

Monday, August 30, 2010

Not mainstream

THE tea party crowd espouses positions that are based on the rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin. The group is way out of the mainstream of American opinion.

Clean up Cape

I read the article concerning Cape Girardeau's effort to reduce our carbon footprint and clean up the environment. I immediately thought how the Green movement has gone astray. Has anyone walked into an establishment in Cape Girardeau and immediately been hit by a wave of cigarette smoke? How about cleaning up the environment in these places? I would like to go to the same establishments and enjoy the same food or entertainment without getting the same medical symptoms as the smokers. I realize that it takes political guts to make Cape Girardeau a nonsmoking city. We are becoming an island. We are surrounded by cities and states that ban smoking in public places. Why not improve our carbon footprint by reducing the smoke coming from local businesses?

Designer scores

I strongly believe clothes make the man or woman. When it comes to teachers, I guarantee you that if teachers started decking out in the most expensive and cutting-edge designer clothes, student standardized test scores and student performance in general would soar.

Send a message

RUSH Limbaugh has informed his national radio audience that he "owns Cape Girardeau." I do not recall the election where Limbaugh was anointed king. Isn't it time folks in this area let Limbaugh know what an arrogant, ill-informed, hate-spewing, gas bag he really is?

Doing the job

TOO many government workers are compensated according to qualifications like their degrees, bureaucratic certifications or union-salary grids rather than for the merit and quality of the job they do. If two people do the same job and one has a college degree and the other doesn't, whom do you want helping you? The one who does the best job. Government is more interested in your qualifications than your performance. History indicates that private workers doing the same job as government workers do it better and at a lower cost. The country is on a fast decline to bankruptcy. We have to control our costs.

Good president

I voted for President Obama, and I am not ashamed. I love the man. The only price I think our children are going to pay is for the Bush war. That's what put us in so much debt. I think Obama is a good president.

Political messages

I keep hearing politicians running for office say, "I approve this message." I'd like to hear more messages from these politicians when they aren't running for re-election. I'm more interested in what they do after they are elected than I am in what they say before election.

Voting choices

BEING aware that women's suffrage was less than 100 years ago, I rarely miss a chance to vote. Sadly, I can't get my mother to leave her recliner to do the same. I do my research on the candidates and propositions, and I vote from the heart. I have friends and family who are both Democrats and Republicans, and we simply agree to disagree. I greatly respect the right to vote, and I also highly respect the opinions of my friends and family regardless of which side they're on. I would never tell anyone they should be ashamed of their voting choices. Isn't that what makes us a civilization? Shaming someone for a political choice is terrorism by definition.

Burning issues

AS this country and its future are swirling in the drain and Congress continues to play shuffleboard on the Titanic, it's only appropriate that Americans are worried about burning important issues: Who will be the next "American Idol" judge? In a time when "Jersey Shore" is the No. 1 program on TV, those best qualified are obvious: Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan.

Sensitive choice

I don't think anyone fears a mosque near ground zero. The anger is over how Muslims could be that insensitive.

Long red light

WHAT is the deal with the signal at West Jackson Boulevard and West Lane? The stoplight stays red for the longest time. You begin to wonder if it's broken. Maybe somebody should check it out.

Naming issues

IN response to the story "Advisory board for Cape college center recommends new name": Great River College Center? The name isn't fitting in any respect and doesn't even sound right. The Mississippi is never referred to as the "Great River," and the facility isn't a college center. The name is awkward and ill-fitting. I can't believe the committee couldn't do any better than this, and I hope the name isn't approved.

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