Speak Out 8/25/10

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Elevator courtesy

ONE of the most dangerous places to be in Cape Girardeau is in an elevator. Have you ever been on an elevator when the doors open and people rush in, not even noticing you're there? One time, I couldn't even get off. If you're waiting on the elevator, there might be somebody on the elevator side of that door waiting to get off. Hesitate a little bit and allow them time to get off.

Separating students

FROM what I hear from my daughter and her friends, separating boys and girls at lunch time and recess is a fantastic idea, and I applaud Jackson Middle School for having the nerve to step out of the box and try this.

Jackson fire station

THE mayor appoints a fire-station study committee. After three years, the committee recommends constructing a second fire house and to vote on a sales tax to pay for it. Two aldermen unhappy with location voted against placing the tax issue on ballot. A third alderman who was on the committee for three years said he favored the plan but now was voting against it. Does that remind you of someone else in higher office?

Cape's future

I heard a reporter ask the mayor about Cape Girardeau's strategic plans for the future. Mayor Harry Rediger replied that new industries are being encouraged to come into Cape Girardeau. Local companies are interested in expanding. There is interest in forming a minor-league baseball team. I say that, with all these excellent ideas, a gambling casino is not even needed.

Seniors at water park

I went to the senior water park day. I got to see how exhilarating it was for everyone there. What fun. What great exercise. There were quite a few who couldn't swim. They went down the highest slide. I would like to see a couple of days a week for a morning session. Don't worry that anyone will laugh at your floaties. No one cares.

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