Speak Out 8/23/10

Monday, August 23, 2010

Making fun

I wish Rush Limbaugh would quit making fun of the first lady. We didn't like it when people made fun of Laura Bush.

Crosswalks, signals

WE need crosswalks and pedestrian signals at the intersection of Cape Rock Drive and Kingshighway. The SEMO District Fair is coming, and families who live across the street from Arena Park can't safely walk to the playgrounds or even to the fair. Moreover, some families park in the empty bank and church lots and have to cross Kingshighway to get to the fair. If we are serious about reducing obesity and increasing safety of our citizens, we need to build more sidewalks, crosswalks and pedestrian signals.

It's hogwash

I feel sorry for parents of children who are leaving home for the first long period of time. If separation anxiety and empty-nest syndrome aren't already taking a psychological toll, David Limbaugh piled on the angst by arguing that parents and their departing progeny need to prepare for the inevitable attempt to brainwash their children by anti-Christian, left-wing college and university professors. If it's any comfort, I can reassure parents that Limbaugh's view is pure, ideologically driven hogwash.

Free-market collapse

THAT'S like putting the patients in charge of the asylum. Glenn Beck and Gary Rust think government should be based on a business model. Thus, they think President Obama would be better served by hiring more businessmen and businesswomen to serve in government positions. What blows my mind is that Beck and Rust would make this argument at a time when we went through and are continuing to experience the greatest free market business and financial collapse in our nation's history.

Drop middle school

SEGREGATING students by gender in middle school is not the solution. It serves only as an example that something is severely wrong with the middle school concept. That is why many school districts across the country have taken steps to eliminate middle schools, as indisputable evidence demonstrates that the decades-old, well-intentioned middle school experiment has been a miserable failure.

Sucker for info

GARY Rust recently used "data" that he attributed to Glenn Beck to criticize the Obama administration. To glorify the ranting of a demagogue for hire like Beck who routinely spews out historically and factually challenged information is insulting to the journalism profession. The airwaves are rank with such paid entertainers whose ultimate goal -- as Rush Limbaugh has honestly stated -- is ratings. And money. Surely Mr. Rust can find a more credible source for data. The only thing proved by lending credibility to such sources is that P.T. Barnum was right: There is a sucker born every minute.

Honest man

DOUG Austin is an honest man, and I thank God for people who will stand up for what they believe. He said he felt the casino issue should be on ballot so all people would have the right to vote however they want.

Paying the price

TO the person who said "we" deserve President Obama and all of the problems because "we" went gaga over him and "we" elected him insulted me and every other person who looked beyond hype and voted based on the issues and experience of the man running. I didn't elect the man, and I hope every person who did is ashamed of himself. Of course, that doesn't do any of us who voted against the man any good. Our country is suffering because the Democrats elected him and enough Republicans fell for their garbage. Our children are going to pay the price for some of these actions, too, and for that I am angry.

Caring for homeless

THIS is a message to the man who wants to take over our federal building and turn it into a slum area like his so-called homeless shelter in St. Louis. What part of "We don't want you in Cape Girardeau" don't you understand? We don't want homeless people brought in from surrounding areas. We want to take care of our own. This is what Chaplain Terry Wildman is trying to do with his Shelter of Hope. The Rev. Larry Rice, however, wants to make a name for yourself plus lots of money. Rice has tried to discredit Wildman in every way possible, and I certainly don't think this is the Christian way of doing things. Please go back to your big city and leave us alone.

Doing their job

IN reply to the "Speeding tax" comment: It's sleazy to bash our police officers, small town or not. They are doing the job they are paid to do. Those who follow the law have no issues. Speeders shouldn't get upset because they were caught. I saw someone speeding, and I was glad to see the speeder caught. Speeding puts lives in danger.

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