Speak Out 8/22/10

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Too many vacations

I'M wondering how much money would be saved if our president and his family enjoyed one vacation a year with a few extended weekends at their Chicago home. How can anyone take so many vacations when people in this country are hurting?

Separating students

LET me see if I get this right. Research proves that separating students by gender during class fosters better learning. As a result, Jackson Middle School sixth-graders will be separated during lunch, but not during class. What studies prove that separating them during lunch supports this move? Doesn't anyone in the district with their big degrees realize that separating children during lunch and separating them during class aren't the same things? If learning is what you want to foster, duplicate the same conditions that fostered learning to begin with.

Be happy

WE have so many negative things going on in our country. Let's all see if we can't find something happy and uplifting to say.

Molesting penalties

IT seems like you cannot open the paper or turn on the TV without seeing a story about someone being arrested for molesting a child or being involved in child porn. When are lawmakers going to impose sentences to keep these sick individuals behind bars? When are our children going to be the ones whose rights are protected instead of the criminals? Legislators need to think about the innocent children who are having their lives turned upside down and impose stiffer sentences for these crimes. Send them to prison with the other criminals. Quit saying they can be rehabilitated in a few months and make them do some time. Getting probation or a couple of years in a rehabilitation is not going to stop the problem.

Football practice

FOOTBALL camp cannot be held at the end of the school year as there would be no purpose to it. Camp is intended to get the players conditioned for the games they will be playing. Don't blame the local school district. The state requires all athletes to have completed a minimum number of days and hours of practice before they can participate. These practices and camps fulfill that obligation. Besides, this is an optional activity. If you think this is too rough on your son, don't allow him to play.

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