8th District has a choice: Sowers

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leadership in Congress on the Afghanistan war: We face immense challenges in Afghanistan. We've been there for nine years, making it our nation's longest war. It has cost taxpayers $325 billion and, more importantly, the lives of 1,215 brave troops.

And yet Congress remains an echo chamber of career politicians who care about nothing more than pleasing the special interests that fund their re-election. Our own congresswoman, Jo Ann Emerson, receives 50 percent of her money from PACs. It's no wonder she and other Congress members have failed to offer real leadership on war issues. They're too busy pleasing the lobbyists.

This November, the 8th District has a choice. Re-elect Emerson, who voted for her own pay raise then turned around and voted against a troop pay raise, or vote for Tommy Sowers, a former Green Beret with the backbone and experience to lead on the war and who takes less than 1 percent of his money from PACs.

BILL HARSHAW, 205 Albert Lane, Cape Girardeau, MO. 63701