Carnahan Campaign Launches "Seniors for Robin"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Robin Carnahan's campaign launched Seniors for Robin:

to bring together Missouri seniors who share her commitment to fix what's broken in Washington and put Missouri families first. The group is co-chaired by seniors from all across Missouri.

As Secretary of State, Robin has a proven record of standing up for seniors and while Washington was protecting Wall Street, Robin stood up to big banks getting back over $10 billion to wronged investors. In 2007, Robin formed the Senior Investor Protection Unit to investigate cases of fraud against seniors. And she recently worked across party lines to pass the Senior Investor Protection Act, one of the toughest laws in the nation against financial fraud committed against seniors.

"Robin is, without a doubt, one of the best people we could have representing Missouri in Washington. She's smart, capable and honest."

- Doris Kirkpatrick, Co-Chair, Johnson County

"Robin has the concerns of Missourians at heart--she'll always look out for seniors' needs. She's intelligent, and keeps her ear to the ground. I trust her to make positive decisions that will affect all of us."

- Louise Tipler, Co-Chair, Pemiscot County

Robin has pledged to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare and help ensure retirement security for our seniors. For her efforts to protect seniors, she has earned the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare and seniors statewide.

But while Robin has been here fighting for our seniors, Congressman Roy Blunt has spent the last 14 years in Washington raiding the Social Security Trust Fund, cutting hundreds of billions from Medicare, and promoting risky Social Security privatization schemes. Congressman Blunt even went so far as to suggest that Medicare "should have never" been created and that the program "has never done anything to make people more healthy." [Vote 670, 12/19/05; Vote 4, 2/01/06; Gannett, 3/19/05; The Eagle 93.9, 7/10/09; Hannibal, MO Campaign Event, 07/25/09]

"Robin is the type of decision maker we need in Washington. We need a caring, intelligent person with Missouri values--not someone like Congressman Blunt who continues to represent lobbyists and big corporations."

- Ed Thomas, Co-Chair, Morgan County

As Robin travels across the state on her "Stop the Bull" tour she hears directly from Missouri seniors about the issues impacting them, and today she is proud today to receive support from so many seniors all across Missouri.

Visit Robin's campaign website ( to learn about her plans to protect and honor Missouri's seniors. To learn more about Seniors for Carnahan, visit its website:

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