GM creating jobs - in Mexico

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Wall Street Journal announced General Motors is committing $500 million to start a production line on a new car and new engine. GM is expected to create 390 new jobs while saving 400 other jobs. The cars will be exported. Great news, if you live in Mexico, where the plant is going.

General Motors, facing bankruptcy, was bailed out by American taxpayers to the tune of over $50 billion.

It is quite disingenuous that GM would not place such an investment in the U.S. They might have used the abandoned Chrysler plant in Fenton. The last time I drove past it had a big "Available" sign on it.

GM had a profitable quarter and appears to be rebounding. They intend to sell taxpayers' common stock interest to pay us off. Our stock will be sold too cheaply, and Wall Street insiders will again benefit. Is Congress paying attention?


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