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Bankruptcies filed through July for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Miller, Lisa D.10843
Hulvey, William D. and Dorothy E.10888
Jackson, Jimmy R.10921
Blevins, Ernest N. and Robin D.10924

Butler County

Harris, Amanda D.10853
Pennington, Shirley M.10878
Faughn, Todd L. and Lisa J.10882
Epps, David C.10883
Haynes, Charles C.10890
Wallace, Vernon L. and Peggy L.10894
Bader, Amberlee M.10911
Stewart, Robert and Cynthia10913
Baldridge, Andrea R.10918
Burlbaugh, Gilbert G. and Janet L.10920
Joyner, Billy S.10930
Henson, Dewayne P. and Katherine A.10941
Williams, Lena M.10945
Paukner, William and Patricia A.10946
Winfree, Audrey J.10962
Little, Ned D. and Crystal M.10976
Hoy, Amanda K.10977
Gunter, Cecil E. and Angela M.10981

Cape Girardeau County

Nichol, Frank M. and Deborah E.10839
Chandler, Daniel E. and Alice V.10840
Walters, William D. and Carol S.10852
Pike, Christopher S.10855
Polhamus, Amy D. and Thomas E.10857
Pierce, Rhettney B.10858
Dowdy, David L.10865
Wright, Christopher S.10866
Bramlett, Pamela M.10867
Givens, James L.10879
Westrich, John W.10884
Nicholson, Janet K.10887
Bain, Wayne J. and Megan S.10889
Berry, Joseph R.10892
Jacobs, Donald E.10895
Moore, Lori S.10896
Fishbaugh, Jeffrey E. and Kerry L.10908
Phillips, Ben S. and Kelli J.10923
Davis, Paul E.10936
Ahlvin, Mark E. and Tamara J.10937
Phillips, Lucille M.10943
Wiley, Annett M.10944
Wilkinson, Bobby D. and Eva M.10947
Bridwell, Sirena J.10960
Koerner, Steven P. and Cynthia L.10961
Aldridge, James M. and Karma L.10964
Ramos, Armando G.10966
Gibson, Mark A.10967
Grebe, Vicki J.10983
Wren, Winferd S. and Shelly L.10991

Dunklin County

Ozbun, Michael10842
Sample, Perry J. and Belinda M.10844
Key, Jon W. and Melanie D.10846
Hudson, Shawn D.10850
Smith, Tracy J. and Jeffrey L.10869
Barber, Charles E. and Ila D.10898
Bryant, Freda M.10900
Wynn, Michelle L.10901
Reaves, Carolyn K.10903
Payne, Teresa K.10910
Bettigrue, Haston D. and Brenda F.10948
McGrew, David and Joyce10949
Jackson, Lawanna10950
Foriester, Jerry and Julie10951

Madison County

Baudendistel, Joshua F. and Ashley N.10847
Vacca, Vincent L. and Myrtle F.10859
Ammons, Ralph D. and Kelly L.10877
Huffman, Steven J.10885
Revelle, Jimmy R. and Carrie E.10886
Adams, Joseph E.10909
Rutherford, James E. and Betty A.10959

Mississippi County

Loomes, Richard C. and Marsha D.10880
Mercer, Jessica A.10881
Palmer, Roger D. and Barbara L.10902
Wollman, Michael A. and Jennifer G.10914
Ambrose, Orin A. and Kathy A.10919
Allen, Charles W.10935
Patrick, Steve L. and Rebecca J.10956

New Madrid County

Wright, Tara N.10861
Allen, Candace A. Ivie10863
Lewis, John C. and Rebecca E.10872
Delaney, Deidre M.10874
Tollison, Helen10916
Forrester, Ron C. and MeLissa A.10940
Clark, Hoyte J. and Evelyn J.10953
Mills, Donald G. and Jo A.10968
Hammack, April D.10973
Russell, James E.10985

Pemiscot County

Tomlin, Christopher and Dara J.10845
Fielder, Jennifer L.10849
McGraw, Robert H. and Stephanie M.10868
Straw, Monica C.10871
Bays, Bobby D. and Brenda F.10899
McLevain, Steven E.10907
Sawyers, Larry D. and Marsha J.10926
Lacey, Brandon D. and Heather C.10969
Burrell, Talesha N.10974

Perry County

Brewer, Jeffry A. and Patricia A.10841
Tweedy, William R.10891
Dudenbostel, Rickey L. and Judith K.10929
Morgan, Jeanne N.10971
Patton, Amanda R.10972

Reynolds County

Webb, Jeanie C.10848
Stulce, Raymond E. and Deborah D.10954
Charlton, Roger O.10982
Bell, Jamie E. and Jenger R.10987

Ripley County

Wilson, Anthony W. and Beth A.10856
Walls, Amy E.10942
Burgett, Jeffrey L. and Summar L. Lee-Burgett10975
Seter, Jason S. and Shiela D.10980

Scott County

Vaught, Brad A.10860
Wren, Shannon D. and Keri B.10870
Grant, Joyce A.10873
DeLoach, Eddie G. and Donna S.10875
Sinn, Timothy M. and Cheryl D.10876
Schaefer, Gary W.10893
Howard, Kevin M.10897
Luber, Paul C. and Fredie D.10905
Hill, William E. and Maxine10912
Matthews, John C.10915
Hahn, Jeremy D. and Kristina M.10917
Crosier, Rodney E. and Audrey N.10922
Seyer, Roger D. and Rebecca A.10925
Merriweather, Gloria J.10931
Buxton, LeVar E.10934
Wren, William E. and Kimberly S.10955
White, John W.10957
Beck, Roger J.10965
Garner, Donnie R. and Angel R.10970
Lane, Rhonda J.10984
Freeland, Danny R. and Tammie F.10986
Schaffer, Michael A.10988
Dohogne, Corey L. and Jessica E.10992

Stoddard County

Bates, Cynthia M.10851
Owens, Randy O. and Cheryl D.10854
Reeves, Christopher L.10864
Grimm, William D. and Sherry L.10904
Shell, John D. and Patti L.10927
Surface, Junior H. and Debra M.10928
Whitaker, Melissa A.10963
Massey, John10989
Massey, Tina10990

Wayne County

Tooke, Ryan A.10862
Green, Rhonda and Kenneth D.10906
Layton, Eddie J. and Laurie E.10932
Eads, Brenda L.10933
Smith, Marjorie J.10938
Geer, Susan E.10939
Reed, Don and Juanita J.10978
Moeller, Adam J. and Ashley A.10979

Out of district

Clostermery, Cory T. and Jennifer L.10958
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