Business recycling

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The interest in recycling appears to be growing in Cape Girardeau. When the new single-stream recycling program for residential customers began in May, the participation was much higher than the previous voluntary system that required various recyclables to be separated.

But the city doesn't offer recycling for business and commercial customers. The city's facilities are not geared up for the volume commercial recycling would likely produce. However, the city is planning for a new solid-waste transfer station within the next five years, which could be designed to handle business recycling.

Business interest in recycling also has grown. There was little interest among businesses when the city began its recycling program several years ago. Commercial recycling is handled by businesses' contracting with individual haulers.

One commercial trash-hauling service in Cape Girardeau, IESI of Missouri, has been operating here for more than a year. It currently provides recycling pickups for its customers in St. Louis and is planning to offer that service here as well.

The city and private enterprise are working together on the needs of businesses for recycling. With the growth of residential recycling, it's good to see the commercial side is being addressed as well.

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