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Sikeston man charged with 10 counts of statutory sodomy

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ronald Parkhurst
BENTON, Mo. -- A Sikeston man was arrested Friday for allegedly having sexual relations with a 6-year-old girl.

Ronald L. Parkhurst, 32, 943 County Road 518, faces 10 counts of first-degree statutory sodomy, according Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter.

Missouri Children's Division investigator Jane Wyman and Scott County Sheriff's Deputy Darrin Sides went to the Parkhurst home Wednesday in response to a hotline call alleging that Parkhurst was molesting the girl.

During an interview conducted by the SEMO Network Against Sexual Violence, the 6-year-old described inappropriate sexual acts that occurred while in the shower with Parkhurst multiple times since June.

Parkhurst remained in custody Friday afternoon with a bond set at $150,000 cash only.

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Nothing will set me off more than a predator that preys on innocent children. His mug shot has told me all I need to know about this punk. I hope he is sold for a pack of smokes his first day in the the big house. Better yet maybe someone will play hide the broom stick with this punk.

-- Posted by gman on Fri, Jul 30, 2010, at 4:10 PM


-- Posted by ugguggugg on Fri, Jul 30, 2010, at 4:16 PM

Yes, the mug shot says it all. Arrogant, deluded, sicko. This makes me so ill. Why is there so much of this perversion nowadays? Every day there's another such crime. Too much porn, I say!!! It feeds their sick fantasies.

-- Posted by Sunshine56 on Fri, Jul 30, 2010, at 5:17 PM

Lord why did I even continue to read this? I know, I know, innocent until proven guilty....I've always said if a pervert EVER touched my niece or nephew I'd have no problem at all with inflicting a little rough justice of my own!!! God PLEASE be with this innocent 6 yr. old girl who will have to deal with this her entire life!

-- Posted by hardknocksdegree on Fri, Jul 30, 2010, at 5:42 PM

I wonder if his cellmates will have the same grin?

-- Posted by Egotistical_Bigot on Fri, Jul 30, 2010, at 5:49 PM

Why was he listed as a Sikeston man when the address is out in Scott County? Actually Scott County roads are numbered in the 400's. I think 500's are in Stoddard County. Does Sheriff Walter know where roads are in his county?

-- Posted by joekool on Fri, Jul 30, 2010, at 6:51 PM

I am not privy to any information regarding this case. However I have been in the past involved in cases where parents submit their children to lie on someone else. If not why would a mother allow a 6 year-old to shower with a grown man? Don't make judgments by photos either. Mug shots are not glamor ops.

-- Posted by SWBG on Fri, Jul 30, 2010, at 8:45 PM

joekool, maybe if you knew the county roads in Scott County as good as you smartoff about then you would realize that '200's-300's are in the Chaffee/Oran/Scott City area and the '400s-500s' are in the Vanduser/Sikeston-Miner/Morley/Blodgett area. As far as this guy I hope he gets a lengthy sentence and he gets what is coming to him. They dont like molestors in the pen.

-- Posted by SCCbloodinme on Fri, Jul 30, 2010, at 10:05 PM

"Don't make judgments by photos either".

I dont give a rats *** if your innocent or guilty, but if you have been charged with 10 counts of molesting a 6 year old, you should not even have a hint of a smile on your face.

I cannot believe what I am seeing. This poor girl has to live the rest of her life faced with this situation.

Do you guys realize what is going on? This guy is charged with molesting a 6 year old girl and this is his response to the charges.

Unbelievable, un-**ckin believable.

-- Posted by HeHateMeToo on Fri, Jul 30, 2010, at 10:29 PM


When his cell mates find out WHY he is in there they will definitely have the same grin :)

Someone needs to knock that smirky grin off of his face.

-- Posted by Hookie98 on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 12:41 AM

I cant believe this is online, this ALL lies!!!! this is destroying a family! NONE of this is true, hes a good man & i cant believe this is happening to him and his family! im not going to say anything more to respect the family since they clearly have no privacy anymore - this is crazy no mother clearly ever allows something like this its all a lie thanks to our wonderful missouri police.... i can feel a law suit coming.

-- Posted by innocentfamily1 on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 1:30 AM

Articles like this, and people like him, create the worst possible situation for those who work in local jails.

Now, EVERYONE knows why he's in jail, so it will be nearly impossible for jail staff to keep him safe. Then, if & when the guy gets whooped, the county foots the medical bill...

-- Posted by OlderEagle on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 1:36 AM

did any of you ever think there might be another side to this story?? this man is innocent! The child was out of town when all of this occurred and was set in motion by granparents who thought they could get custody of the child by making false accusations. The child tells a very different story of nothing happening when she isnt being railroaded and coached into saying something different. Before these stories are leaked to the press maybe someone should take the time to get facts straight! and to print everything that supposedly happened??? I thought we were supposed to protect the children?! The state is going to have a hefty lawsuit to deal with when this is all over.

-- Posted by FURIOUS on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 2:05 AM

I was wrong about the roads being all numbered 400 in Scott County. 518 runs from Diehlistadt to Blodgett. Headline still should have said Scott County man not Sikeston man arrested. I dont run the North part of the county anymore so I am not familiar with those roads like I am around Sikeston so I apologize for the statement I made to upset you Sccbloodinme.

-- Posted by joekool on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 6:35 AM

Does it matter what County road is where in dump hole Scott Freaken County?

A 6 yr old Girl may or may not been molested. None of us know the whole story and most of you all are ready to string him up and have him raped in jail.I think we should not judge him until his trail or knowing the whole story. Anybody remember Josh Kieser? Most of Benton was ready to hang him before the trail started.

-- Posted by mogearjammer on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 8:16 AM

Innocent until proven guilty!

-- Posted by Stuck in Mayberry on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 8:27 AM

After reading everyones post, I know how angry situations like this make a person. But I also agree to the following:

If he is guilty and molested a 6 year old, he deserves the wortst of what could happen. BUT if this child has been coached, then the persons doing the coaching also deserve the worst of what can happen to them.

I have grandchildren that when I look at them, I want to protect them with everything within me. IF someone hurts them, it also hurts me. I would NEVER do something to hurt my grandchildren for my own selfish purpose. BUT I would do everything within my power to protect them.

There is no doubt this child needs to be protected but with both sides using this forum, my question is from whom?

-- Posted by LiveAnotherDay on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 12:57 PM

The child was being protected, until these post came out. I'm sure mr parkhurst really apriciate everyones nice comments. But the negative comments really don't help the family cope. Thinkof what he will have to go through life with this lable, what happen w/ innocent till proven guilty? This is really just a case of grandparents tring to gain custody. Well now they are mad! Does any one care what the grandparents put this lil girl through and where is she now?..she can't be with her family and think of the guilt she now carries at such a young age. No one really know the real story. the grandparents in illinois should be the ones in jail carring the charges against them..

-- Posted by close family on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 2:46 PM

Seriously!!! You people need to stop and think for a moment. This whole situation has given me new insight on the way the system works. This man did not do these things. He isnt the greatest person, but who is. But he is honest and loves his family. Just recently he began to work and loves his job and that isn't easy for him to do. His life was just beginning to go the right way. You hear people say, "If it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any at all" This holds true for him. He has had a walk with death 5 years ago and now the parents in law- who mind you----HATE HIS GUTS, have started terrible things. They have been trying to ruin their daughter and his life for years now and since they cant get her away from him, they have decided to crucify him in the worst ways!!! This little girl has told everyone who will listen that her daddy didnt do anything like this to her. She was coached to and lead to say things that were not true. She is 6, she will say what she thinks you want her to say. She wants to be a pleasing child. You people who are saying all these cruel things are the same kind of people who put away innocent people. Yes, there are all kinds of bad people in jail and OUT. However, after this incident has occured, it makes me wonder how many people are sitting in prison or been put to death for things they didnt commit. The only people who know the whole story are the ones closest to him. Let me ask you, and you need to think about this....How would you feel if you were accused of doing something so terrible, so SICK! It would hurt you in the worst ways. This man is feeling the worst. He had the grin on his face because he thought this was all a big joke, and the police taking his mug shot were cracking jokes with him...to his amazement, it was not and know he is locked up and his kids split up in different areas. It is ridiculous. On medical exam, it was concluded, no wrong doing had occured with this child. Instead of crucifying this man, the system should be corrected!! Our tax dollars are being wasted on innocent people instead of the bad guys!!! Just something to think about while you are all coming to your own conclusions. Not to mention, this man has a wife and 3 children living with him and has tried to do everything he can to be everything he can for his kids. He is his sons's hero. His children idolize him. So think before you type!!!

-- Posted by curiousrn on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 3:01 PM

Yes, lets talk about those grandparents...Real piece of cakes. They already have this mans wife's first child...how many do they think they need to take from her! This is just plain ridiculous. Also, why is it that when there is a possible sexual child abuse...why doesn't the child protective services take the child to the hospital for an exam...this will tell if the child has been messed with...really...well, thats what we did...we had the exam, and it was NEGATIVE!!! These grandparents wanting to hurt these parents should be locked up for making such terrible acqusations. If there is a way to sue these people, it will be done. This mans life is hanging in the balance and when he is found INNOCENT, will everyone forget? Will he be able to get a job? Will he be labled forever? What kind of life will he be able to lead? And what about the children? What will be said to them when they begin school? Are we supposed to shelter them from all of the bogus claims by not alowing them to go to school? Not fair to the children, not fair to their mother and not fair to the man being accused of this crap! All 3 of his sisters are nurses and we know what kind of man he is...and what the media, the child protective service, the police department, and these *(%^* granparents have said is CRAP!!!

-- Posted by curiousrn on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 3:13 PM

OH ya, and not to mention, these grandparents tried to take custody of this little girl while her parents went on vacation by making claims of neglect, etc by their own daughter. And of course, the judge would not sign the order of protection keeping this child from her mother, so the next day, they went and made claims of sexual abuse of this child from the father. Of course, those claims would stick...they have to check things out. But when the mother went to take her child out of these grandparents house with the aid of police...they retaliated by calling the state of MO to make even worse claims. Don't believe everything you hear in the media. it is only 1-sided. This man was also told, while in jail, that his wife had left him and taken the kids with her and went back to her parents...that was a lie as well...WE ARE ALL BEHIND HIM!! But in the meantime, this man had to worry and be torn to pieces that his wife would believe something so fierce to leave. This is a sad situation.

-- Posted by curiousrn on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 3:21 PM

SWBG, FURIOUS, close family and curiousrn: No where in this article did it disclose the little girl's identity. Now, thanks to your posts, we can figure it out. To me, you have done her as much of an injustice as the grandparents you are ranting about, IF they have done anything wrong. Perhaps they only reported what she might have told them, which they should have done. You should have kept your mouths shut and let the wheels of justice crank out the truth.

-- Posted by stardog on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 4:25 PM

Hope he's still smiling like that after Bubba gets ahold of him in jail!!

-- Posted by Hot Dog on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 4:48 PM

WOW do these grandparents know what they have done to this child is a crime in it's self and falsefying information should be punishable by jail time. Too many men are accused of a crime like this because people want to gain custody, but no one realizes how many people get hurt especially the psycological aftermath that happens to a child. Didn't these grandparents think they girl would have to go infront of him and testify in court. Yes the truth needs to come out, and it will take time...this family and both ronald and this child will be in my prayers, only God knows what this is all about and God will come thru for both of them. The granparents need counsiling as well and the mother of the other child living with them needs to take action to protect that child as well. God bless the Parhurst Family, may justus surely be served.

-- Posted by notfrommo on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 7:40 PM

I am sorry if I spoke out of turn. I agree with Live Another Day. I will hold my opinions to myself until the truth comes out, and if he IS innocent the truth WILL surely prevail.

-- Posted by Hookie98 on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 8:06 PM

I dont know these people and I dont like judging people. I read this "negative" media and then I look at the picture.

Whether he thought it was a joke or not. I do not care. If my best friends arrested me and told me that I was charged with these crimes, I would go nuts. There is no way I would be smiling. I think that once you get to the photo booth at the police station you should realize that this isnt a joke.

Once again, I hate to judge, but the look on his face makes people think the he is guilty.

-- Posted by HeHateMeToo on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 9:34 PM

Well, I have not said the identity of the child. And I have know this man and his family for a very long time. I consider all of them dear friends and when I see them all torn up over this situation which arose from another state and heard the issues with grandparents, it sickens me. I know the truth will come out and I hope his face and name will be cleared. It is bad enough that he is going thru this but the kids have to go thru this as well. And as far as the picture, he wasn't charged with anything when he went to the police station. He wasn't arrested at home. He went there himself. He wasn't charged with anything until the next day. It is terrible that the entire family has to sell everything they have to try and clear his name. Most people have to work for what they have and not have it handed to them. And the buck dont stop there.

-- Posted by curiousrn on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 10:18 PM

curiousrn: you said the little girl said "her daddy didn't do anything like this to her". How is that not identifying the victim. You just can't keep your mouth shut, can you.

-- Posted by stardog on Sun, Aug 1, 2010, at 6:10 AM

And as far as the picture, he wasn't charged with anything when he went to the police station. He wasn't arrested at home. He went there himself. He wasn't charged with anything until the next day.

-- Posted by curiousrn on Sat, Jul 31, 2010, at 10:18 PM

If he was just went down there for a friendly chit chat about some questions regarding inappropriate contact with a 6 year old then why in the heck is he so happy in the photo? Was there a squeaky toy off to the side of the camera that we did not see? I still contend that this is his mug shot and that his mug tells all. If it was me going in for a chit chat I would be bawling like a baby at even the hint of something as serious as this.

In the past I have had the inside scoop on a couple of big stories that have made it here in the Missourian. I chose not to state anything that will come back to bite me or the individuals or business's involved in the story. My comments would have done nothing to serve those involved.

Curiousrn you have done nothing of the sort and have now exposed as "stardog" has said the identity of the child.

I respect your right to shoot off at the mouth, but the fact remains this punk has been charged with TEN counts of sodomy. Police don't just pick a number out of thin air and say today is not your lucky day perp.

I am not surprised that everyone from the police, to the family "coaching" to Santa Claus has been blamed for this guys charges. Still the fact remains unanswered, why is a grown man (32) showering with any 6 year old?

-- Posted by gman on Sun, Aug 1, 2010, at 10:37 AM

WOW stardog & gman must be associated with law enforcement to have already convicted this youngman. He deserves a fair trial and the truth will prevail. Has anyone went to punish thier teenager and been told..."do it and i will tell the police you hit me" So many times you have seen children munipulate the system when they don't like thier parents displine and accuse them of some kind of abuse...While yes we should beleive the children to a point, it's the "he said she said" Innocent until proven guilty, if this child can get on the stand and testify that he did these things to her...then I will say he just may be guilty...but i dont think that will happen..and the system will pressure him to plead guilty so they wont have to look like they have egg on thier face when the truth comes out...Mr. Parhurst...PLEASE do not plead guilty! It's time someone put the system into check..

-- Posted by notfrommo on Sun, Aug 1, 2010, at 2:00 PM

OK gman and stardog...I am done with this BS. He is innocent and that is all I will say from this point on. And Thanks to notfrommo...I appreciate all your words, and you can bet...the plead is not guilty...his charge is absolutely sickening and to an innocent man...is just terrible.

-- Posted by curiousrn on Sun, Aug 1, 2010, at 10:25 PM

you know gman and stardog u sure are quick to accuse parkhurst when all the facts are not there...to me they are trying to condem a man without an ounce of evidence oh im sorry because someone said so well like u said u tell your kids to believe in santa clause and there is no such thing but because u tell a young child this they will believe you just like this child was probably told to say these bad things about him...it all still boiles down to telling a young child something and them going back and saying it not even knowing what they r really saying...and in this case it still stands that there is absolutly no evidence of any fowl play with this child...know if the evidence was there then yes put his *** away and throw away the key i agree on that 100% but in parkhursts case they have no evidence just a butt load of acusations..until the evidence that he forsure did what he is being accused of everyone needs to stop condeming an inocent man until proven guilty..aren't we all still living in the united states... (and that saying a person is innocent until proven guilty) well all u people that already condemned this man on here should really be ashamed of yourselves...when and if he has proven guilty then start talking all of your crap...

-- Posted by level with me on Sun, Aug 1, 2010, at 11:14 PM

Dictionary...please get one. If you can't afford one, then try sounding the words while you spell them.

-- Posted by udontknowme on Mon, Aug 2, 2010, at 1:25 AM

This would be a good time to consider why we post pictures of the "alleged" perpetrator. We don't post pictures of the victim for obvious reasons, so why do we post the names of the accused before they are CONVICTED? It certainly doesn't act as a deterrent if someone is truly a criminal or sick but it will certainly destroy the lives of everyone named. Remember the "day care molestings" from years ago? Destroyed the family, their business, etc. because of falsehoods from the children who got caught up in the frenzy. Smiling for a mug shot is always a bad idea, I think, but I'm sure he was nervous and didn't know what to do at that moment. They might have even said "smile" before they took it - none of us were there. I'm not opposed to his arrest as such because I want the child to be safe, but I am apposed to the naming of individuals and posting of their pictures under the guise of "public record" when they are not convicted. His life is destroyed either way and he can't even sue because it is "public record". If he's innocent as we presume him to be, I'm sure he was darn surprised when they locked him up and wouldn't let him out with out $150,000 cash. And for those who believe the truth always comes out, I'd suggest you educate yourself on how often that is NOT the case. Our legal system does the best it can based on its budget at the moment and we have to keep that in mind.

-- Posted by EvlMcgyver on Mon, Aug 2, 2010, at 8:58 AM

notfrommo and level with me: I never accused this individual of anything in my posts. I said that curiousrn had exposed her identity. The article said only a 6 year old girl. We, the public reading this article, did not know who it was, whether it was a neighbor, a friend's child, whomever, we did not know until curiousrn said it was his daughter. Now, everyone knows who it is from curiousrn's post.

-- Posted by stardog on Mon, Aug 2, 2010, at 9:27 AM

StarDog... You are RIGHT on. The "oh he's so innocent" posters here are from his family.

I *am* very close to the grandparents..... They should be sainted for all that they've done for their grandchild, as well as her mother. They do and do, and the mother just takes and takes. They have taken both mother & daughter into their home more times than I can remember after trouble with this "husband" Parkhurst. The sweet child WAS taken to the hospital... and it WAS proven that she'd been traumatized. It's all very well documented.

I just wish these proceedings had started YEARS ago when signs first popped up that abuse WAS happening...

-- Posted by SafeKidsFirst on Mon, Aug 2, 2010, at 9:09 PM

Safekidsfirst, You really don't want the truth to come out cause when it does the only ones who will get hurt are the grandparents. there are things that the grandparents are hiding and their closet has been opened and family secrets are about to be revealed. they will have MUSTARD on thier faces when this is over. Only God knows what the truth is and the truth will prevail. lets face it the mother did not want to be a mother that is why she kept running back home and she promised this child to the grandparents and when she changed her mind they decided to take her anyway they could no matter how much it hurt thier grandaughter. just like they did her last child. and just like they did to her own mother. God knows the truth! so does everyone involved. by the way i am not family.

-- Posted by notfrommo on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 6:04 AM

oh and the reason she kept running home to her parents was because she had multiple court dates she did not want to miss.

-- Posted by notfrommo on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 9:57 AM

Please keep this family and Parkhurst in your prayers thats all this family ask. they are up against adoptive grandparents that could not have any children of their own. God had a reason for this, and now i see why? we parents do and do for our kids and our kids take and take but maybe I am different cause i would of been the rock to help my kids get to where they are going. not punish them cause she married a man who supported her with tatoos and an earring. he became Mr. MoM and took care of his kids. the grandparents tried to keep this family from being a family which was wrong. I am thankful that god will be behind parkhurst and show everyone his innocents, for the family sticking with him. You All Rock! for the grandparents, what you have done to this 6 year old well allways be a scar. she was the innocent tool you used to tear this family apart for your selffish reasons. That was wrong! SHAME ON YOU.

-- Posted by close family on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 11:21 AM

notfrommo.... You couldn't be more WRONG. The grandparents are hiding NOTHING.

The mother kept running back to them for money to pay for TWO abortions... sorry, that's the truth.

She did not want her first child... she begged the grandparents to adopt him... and after making her think it over for a long time, they did to make sure the child was well taken care of... Thank HEAVEN they did... and have done an AMAZING job... I see them often, and have plenty of interaction with them....

The mother of this abused child is the one who turned a blind eye repeatedly to what was going on right under her nose.... She woulnd't believe what her child would tell her... It's pathetic that she would choose a man (who won't even work unless he feels like it) over her own flesh and blood.

-- Posted by SafeKidsFirst on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 12:51 PM

close family.... obviously you aren't close family or you would know that the grandparents DO have their own biological child... (an adult now) who is also a STELLAR beacon of the community.

So while you don't know squat.... you have no right to debate the issues. 'nuff said.

-- Posted by SafeKidsFirst on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 12:54 PM

Alright, this is getting ridiculous. safeKidsFirst...You obviously only know the grandparents side. You, nor the grandparents, know the family or Ronald. The grandparents made decisions about him and NEVER took the chance to know him. Yes, their daughter made many mistakes...the biggest being running back to her parents at every little arguement or family problem that her and her husband had instead of working it out the way nomal married people do. And this little girl has ALWAYS been sensitive to products in soaps, pools, etc...which is why she always had problems which you are accusing of abuse by the father. If we, as healthcare providers, turned in every baby or child who had DIAPER RASH to child protective services and made claims of sexual abuse...NO ONE WOULD HAVE THEIR KIDS!!! If you people would have left the daughter alone so that she could for once make her own decisions, she wouldn't have had to run back and forth leaning on her parents. She may have had a normal life. And what about when the grandparents refused to babysit her stepson because he was a product of parkhurst. THEY WERE CRUEL TO HIM AND TOLD HIM HE WAS EVIL and HIS DADDY WAS EVIL and treated him poorly!!! This was told to a young child and they made him feel horrible! What kind of an adult treats a child like CRAP and affects his emotional state. I HATE THESE PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE...but I have hated them for years for how they treated this little boy!!! We, the family and friends will take care of the daughter, because obviously no one else cares for her and her full family. We will not judge her for who she loves. We love her and all these kids. They are all treated equally instead of outcasting one of the kids. And once again...THIS CHILD HAS TOLD ALL OF US THAT NO ONE HAS HURT HER IN THE WAYS RONALD WAS ACCUSED. SHE WAS NOT SEXULLY ABUSED! She was obviously coached and led by SEMO and probably by the grandparents. There was no talk of any of this gross crap before the child spent a week with these people. They promised her a bunch of stuff the parents could not do for her at this time and of course a 6 year old would be extremely pleased with this...WHO SAYS MONEY CAN'T BY LOVE...It can and it does every day!

-- Posted by curiousrn on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 1:34 PM

SAFEKIDSFIRST! how dare you post anything about abortions or her first child or not wanting to miss court dates, She struggled to have her last baby i would never believe she would have abortion or that she would do something like that HOWEVER that has NOTHING to do with parkhurst being innocent, parkhurst and his family are being put though hell for all of these lies, Parkhurst has done nothing to deserve this if the grandparents are mad she keeps going back to him and whatever else issues they have is with the mother not him. & to invole this innocent 6 yr old is pathenic, i have been very close to this little girls for 2 years and i lived with parkhurst for a year if ANYTHING of the sort was going on i would know parkhurst is an understanding father and has ALWAYS worked expect for the time was recovering from CANCER!

hes innocent and the truth will come out very soon and the grandparents games will be over and hopefully this family can move on and recover from this horrible nightmear.

&& yes they have an adult son maybe the grandparents should focus more on the new grandchild he just gave them and leave parkhurst alone.


-- Posted by itwontbelikethisforlong on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 1:42 PM

Oh and regarding the post from SafeKidsFirst to close family...Close family didnt say close family to the grandparents. Sounds to me, this poster is on our side, Parkhurst side. So, of course, we would not know of an adult child...nor do we care. But seems like they have jumped thru hoops to take children away from this daughter probably in the same way they took a child away from another women 32 years ago! I hope the lie detectors come to out. I would love to see all people involved in this case take the lie detector included the grandparents!

-- Posted by curiousrn on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 1:54 PM

Well i have a question if the grandparents adopted the mothers older son, then why is she taking the childs biological father to court for child support. Seems to me if a child is adopted then there would be no reason for the biological father to pay child support to the mother or to the grandparents. See there is soooo much more going on here, pilars of the community so was the guy who kidnapped and held Jaycee Dugard captive for all them years...This is a lifetime movie for sure..maybe i need to call in lifetime movie producers. Or maybe i should call in the biological father of the son see if he wants the child support stopped. Maybe he wants his son back....maybe if we put this family in a custody battle over thier grandson they will leave parkhurst and his family alone. God bless and you are in my prayers...gotta go Alantis calling

-- Posted by notfrommo on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 2:31 PM

the guy had cancer does anyone know what that means:

Common Side-Effects Caused By Cancer & Cancer Treatments

If you've just overcome cancer and cancer treatment you may have been forewarned by your doctor about potential side-effects on your sexual health. These side-effects include:

Decreased Sex Drive and Energy

Inability to Achieve or Sustain an Erection (Erectile Dysfunction, or ED)

More than 50% of men who have undergone some form of cancer treatment report difficulty in attaining an erection.

The grandparents should have done thier homework before accusing Parhurst of such a crime. He was on the most intense chemotheropy for cancer and God knows the truth!

-- Posted by notfrommo on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 2:47 PM

these days , an accusation can be worse then doin' the actual crime..

ain't nothin' like bein' tried by the press !

-- Posted by ad..man on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 4:18 PM

AMEN Rick!

-- Posted by notfrommo on Tue, Aug 3, 2010, at 5:28 PM

I agree with Rick ~ an accusation can be worse then doin' the actual crime.. And the press can kill someones chances at any hope with the community. I am having a hard time figuring out who is out to help who here. I do think what things a six year old said was innocent and the adults questioning her is most likely guilding her,then taking it out of context or leading her to add to it. Since when do we know a six year old to determine Time? or a Time frame of two months? I can also believe the the childs mother did have abortions, but what does that matter? So what!! Maybe she has completed her family at this time, no one knows. Or that they had things to work out first.. The fact remains that we have a coached child, a man recovering from Cancer, grandparents that already have the mothers oldest child, who have obviously made attempts to gain this child. So we are not a judge or jury to convict this man, but we can try to understand that there is a whole story, very deep that unless we where there (all the time/ in all phone calls) no one would even know! Even the grandparents, They dont know it all either. Their is a wealth of information out there and I wish them all the best! After working with children in these situations for many years, I do hear all the stories and feel their pain. Yes, alot of fabrication can occur, I have witness in past cases. So DO NOT convict this man until he has proper services and the whole story comes out. I do believe he is innocent and the child does feel remorse for being lead to turn something so innocent into a horrible act. Please pray for this family, because they have a long road ahead of them!!

-- Posted by MEtwo on Wed, Aug 4, 2010, at 8:28 AM


I brought that up about the life terminations by the mother because the grandparents are being unjustly attacked by very MISinformed individuals. And this mother's choices... so many of them... have been what put her in this situation in the first place....

She's given birth to 3 children, with 3 different men... and has had AT LEAST 2 terminations...

and NotFromMo.... regarding your post about the side effects... obviously that's not the case here since he's gotten her PREGNANT at least TWICE SINCE ....

Go back and bury your head in the sand... it's o.k... we'll keep the world running without you.

-- Posted by SafeKidsFirst on Wed, Aug 4, 2010, at 1:17 PM

Im pretty sure you can still have children after having surgery to correct the effects of chemotherapy. You still have your babymaking parts, but they replace the artery with plastic tubing. So you have to physically make it work. It doesnt work by arousement at all, since there is no artery to fill. It is all air filled, pump controlled. Lots of young men have this procedure to continue making a family after chemotherapy.

As far as the mother is concerned, so what how many dads her kids have. You know what matters? that she relizes her mistakes and makes them right. Why stay with the first if he was not right, then what? never have another kid, because you left that one? NO! Life moves on.

Lets not forget the children! Keep them in your prayers, Let the lord guide them and be in their deepest thoughts. Let god whisper in their ears that everything will be Okay!

-- Posted by MEtwo on Wed, Aug 4, 2010, at 1:56 PM

Safekidsfirst, I have decided that you really don't know what your talking about. being a nosey nieghbor, that dresses up like a clown around town does,t make what you think you know truth. I suppose you have a police scanner in your car? or home? If so then we know what nieghbor you are. you where never told the truth by the people that live by you cause they didn't want you out in the neighborhood telling their stories, These people don't even like you, they just tolerate your big mouth. your best bet is to stop now before you have to EAT YOUR WORDS! amen to you MEtwo God will be with all the family and prove the innocents of both Parkhurst and the child. they are allways in my prayers. Rick thank you for your post, letting these and other people know how wrong they can be accused of something by the press. notfrommo, your post on the chemo is RIGHT ON. I see you have done alot of homework. to bad the grandparents haven't been educated on any of that.itwontbelikethatforlong. thank you for your concern and prayers for the parkhurst family he does appreciate it, and your kind words. One more thing safekidsfirst the grandparents never did have a child together. The son is her's by her first marriage. so don't say something you don't know. It's on record. Look it up.

-- Posted by close family on Thu, Aug 5, 2010, at 1:03 AM

Safekidsfirst, while your looking up those records, look up and see the grandparents could not have adopted the first child because the mother was collecting child support from the childs father. Now thats not to say he always payed and may have switched jobs like alot of dead beat dads, but court records show that she just recently was in court for support. If there was an adoption, someone is in a heap of trouble because it was done illigal without the fathers consent or even the court for that matter since there is an open support case. Close Family, yes I did my homework> Here where I live, it's been all over the news about a man who was accused of molesting and murdering his daughter and her friend...YEARS later it was finally proven by DNA and a confession that he was not the one who commited this hanus crime. THis man lost all those years with his family, not to mention not being able to morn the death of his child. I am tired of the system convicting innocent criminals without proper proof...they try to manipulate them into pleading just to get it over with and get out of jail. The justus system sucks! because they are not out for the truth, but rather the conviction under thier belt.

-- Posted by notfrommo on Thu, Aug 5, 2010, at 6:02 AM

WOW!! there is alot that every does not know. It all surprises me how people can treat a family member. Secrets in the closets are comming out, I wonder how these things will affect Mr. Parkhurst case. I hope the truth comes out and there is a happy ending for the little girl.

Good Luck Parkhurst family

Protect our children

Love our family

Love the Lord

God bless

-- Posted by MEtwo on Thu, Aug 5, 2010, at 9:04 AM

The wheels on the bus go round and round...round and round...round and round....WOW. Somebody in Illinois (grandparents) wanted to make horrible accusations, did not care about whom they were made about, first the mother, then the father...and looky what we find out. Lot of skeletons jumping out the closet. Terrible that recurrent yeast type infections, which happen in millions of children, that cause a child to itch and dig constantly, and require topical medication, which mind you can happen to most any child taking bubble baths, etc...have now openned up all these old and thought to be forgotten lies within that family!

And, all you people out there reading this, tell me...If you are a parent and you have a child who the other parent was accused of sexual abuse with...Wouldn't you take the child to the Doctor to see if your baby was hurt internally or externally that you could not see from your own eyes? This is what the mother did as soon as charges were placed on the father. She did not do it looking for proof of innocense on the fathers part, she did it for the well being of the child. The doctor said the child had NOT been sexually abused. Wouldn't you expect that child protective services would have had a medical exam done on this child? I feel they picked her brain, lead her to say things she had to idea what they meant and continued this process until they got what they needed. In other states, child protective services brought the child into the ER for an exam. I know this because I was working on many occasions when these kind of incidents were said to occur. This whole thing is a crock and we as tax payers should speak up. We are paying for it!!! And there are so many kids in foster care now...I always thought it was because there was no family available to care for the child...well that is a crock too! My guess is, and this is only a guess, child services must get more money for each child they take away from family. There are plenty of people in both the mother and the fathers family who can take care of this child and restrict contact with whomever they need to to keep this child from being with strangers or from other un-named parties!! It is bad enough that Parkhurst is in jail, but now they want to take the child away from the mother because she took her baby to the Doctor to get checked out! Its bad enough the child can not be with any of Parkhurst family, even the ones of us who see him 2-3 times a year... what the CRAP! I am so glad I do not live in a state that doesn't check things thoroughly before throwing an innocent man in jail! This will have caused so much hardship!

-- Posted by curiousrn on Thu, Aug 5, 2010, at 1:24 PM

CuriousRN it's just one more child the system and state can screw up in the system by placing the child in a worse situation, because most foster homes provide worse situations, because most foster parents and i say MOST do it for the money and not for the love of children.

-- Posted by notfrommo on Thu, Aug 5, 2010, at 2:26 PM

Close family.... No idea what you're talking about ... but I am not whoever you think I am...

-- Posted by SafeKidsFirst on Thu, Aug 5, 2010, at 7:25 PM

notfrommo, the state of Missouri is obviously in a financial crump, so they are willing to take any child that has some bullcrap complaint regardless of the situation. I have heard there are many other men in jail for the same thing, of course, they all say they didnt do it. I don't know their situation and maybe some did do it...hard to tell since they placed this man in jail and he, I know as many others do, that he is innocent. He and his family lived with me on several occasions, including his life before this family. It's all for the money and well if we can put another guy in the slammer to make a point, why not...It is ridiculous! I think we should all get to take lie detector tests on his behalf! All of us can prove his innocense, including himself.I hope his wife can divorce her bad joke of a family, cause I wouldn't ever want anything to do with them. They would be dead to me! I wouldn't even allow them to my funeral! I just want him out of jail and this whole thing to be over, but unfortunately, I have a feeling it is going to be a long battle. I love and miss him so much! I will keep praying for him and his family and hope that everyone I know prays for them as well. I wish I could be around when the people who started this show stand before god and try to explain why they lied about such a devastating situation involving an innocent little girl and her family. If they loved there daughter so much, they could have told her of the situation so that she could have went thru the channels to validate it. Instead of making lies and putting her husband, the FATHER (not stepfather) in jail and away of all of his kids.

-- Posted by curiousrn on Thu, Aug 5, 2010, at 10:52 PM

MUSTARD to the rescue...Wasn't that the name of a character in the game CLUE...I think we have solved it my dear Watson, MUSTARD to the rescue, he is collecting info before he motions. WOW it's amazing the info you can find out..NOW Alanis needs to call...waiting waiting...RING RING for the phone to ring.

-- Posted by notfrommo on Sat, Aug 7, 2010, at 3:09 PM

So the dirtbag and his wife are now SUING her parents? After all they've done for that woman... The nerve..!

-- Posted by SafeKidsFirst on Mon, Aug 16, 2010, at 8:50 PM

I see that face and it makes me sick...a person being charged with first degree statutory sodomy...I'm not thinking that a person in his situation would have a smerk on his face.

What was this person curiousrn talking about, "Just recently he began to work and loves his job and that isn't easy for him to do." What isn't easy for him to do....work..family...this makes no since what does this mean.

-- Posted by Amyss77 on Wed, Aug 18, 2010, at 1:07 PM

As someone who has known the mother of this beautiful little girl for the last 20+ years & who has seen this relationship unfold from the very beginning, I can assure you there are some huge misconceptions happening about her and this man that she married. Mr. Parkhurst seemed perfect at first, loving, caring, friendly, everything she had been looking for. Over the next few months things changed. He became possessive and controlling. He forced her to choose between him & her family, kept her from her closest friends. He told her what to wear, how to comb her hair, followed her to work & spent hours watching every person she talked to. Told her who she could & couldn't speak with, even going as far as to tell her that she couldn't hire certain people to work in the same store as here. This behavior got so bad that she eventually left him, not once, not twice, but 3 times. Always returning home to the adopted parents who took her in as a child. Who put up with her crazy teenage behavior, who willingly took custody of her 1st child after SHE decided that she couldn't care for him. Who gave her a place to stay when this little girls father kicked her out. Who clothed & fed her children. Who let her come home every time Mr. Parkhurt's behavior got out of control. Her parents are not saints, but they have put up with more from her than you can even imagine. And they do in fact have a child of their own, a grown man who has also witnessed far more from this woman than anyone should ever have too. Mr. Parkhurst is not an upstanding member of society. He has multiple children with multiple women & custody of just 1 of them, aside from the little girl he had with this woman. This little girl, who may or may not have been molested, is not his child, even though he claims she is to all of their friends. Just 1 of the many lies he has spun over the years. A very close friend of this woman was killed in a horrific accident & he refused to let her come home for his funeral because he didn't like the man who died. And yes, there were other children who were never born between this couple. Mrs. Parkhurst did turn to her parents for help with those abortions, she did not want to have his child. She was told after the birth of her daughter to not get pregnant again, as it might kill her. Mr. Parkhurst never took this into consideration. Instead he told her that if she loved him she would have his child. And as for his decreased sex drive, I can assure you, that situation does not apply to him. His libido is alive & well. This woman knows that. As do the other women he has been with since they got married. Every time she would leave him he would go out and pick up women. I don't know all the facts in this case but I do know the family involved and I know that this little girl deserves the truth to come out. She deserves a life without this man controlling her mother. If Mr. Parkhurst is guilty I hope he rots in hell. And if he is innocent, I hope he finally realizes what he is doing to his wife and her children. They deserve so much more than he has ever been willing to give to them.

-- Posted by TheTruthShallOut on Mon, Jan 31, 2011, at 7:32 PM

TheTruthShallComeOut; you have left out a HUGE part of the story

Mr.Parkhurst was bonded out of jail on these charges less then a month

ago and he seems to not have learned anything in jail

since coming home instead of getting a job and helping pay for the lawyer and

all the other bills his family has to pay because of this he is right back with

the woman that put him in jail, i hope the police or the lawyers keep track of this

site because he has his youngest daughter back living him and she is to young

to speak up like the six year old did. This innocent two year old needs to be taken

away also and then maybe he will get the hint he dont deserve those children

after And an update on the six year old she is still in the care of the state of missouri

Mrs.Parkhurst gets to see her once or twice a week Mrs.Parkhurst was told by the state of

missouri that she needed to leave Mr.Parkhurst to have this child back so she moved out of

Mr.Parkhursts parents home but now that he was bonded out she is back in the home staying many

nights there and clearly rather be with the man who hurt her daughter then to

follow the states rules for ever getting her daughter back, Mr. & Mrs Parkhurst both deserve to be in

jail for the rest of there lives, He didnt learn anything being behind bars and

she was out at the bars with her boyfriend while her husband was behind those bars and now the 6 year old girl is the

only suffering from her parents stupid choices, the state of missouri is failing those children the two year old

and the six year old belong far away from them forever. i pray for those children that the state of missouri

and the grandparents of the these children see this post and relize Mr & Mrs Parkhurst are unfit parents.

And if the police dont track this i have sent a copy to there office with my statement. JUSTICE FOR ALL

-- Posted by NotFromMO1 on Sat, Feb 5, 2011, at 6:48 PM

Who gives you the right to be the police, judge and jury? This family is doig just fine, and what they are told to do. Since when were they told they couldnt have any kids around them. BUTT OUT!They know who you are, by what you wrote!

I know they will be watching you, you are a back stabbing witch! You befriend them, then turn on them. We got your number now!

Why can anyone mind their own bussiness, instead up stiring up other peoples lives. Work on your own life, I'm sure it needs the help.

-- Posted by ButtTFOut on Sun, Feb 6, 2011, at 4:19 PM

you have very little idea who i am i never turned on them cause i was never on there side btw Mrs.Parkhurst your son is doing just great seen him this weekend but you already know how he is doing cause you never have stopped talking to your parents

-- Posted by NotFromMO1 on Sun, Feb 6, 2011, at 4:56 PM

WOW took me 15 minutes to do forgot password on this stupid site i didnt even know people still posted on here!!!! MOVE ON and let the families in horrible mess do the same i am really am not sure who NOTFROMMO1 is but if your not from missouri then why are you on southerneast missouri newspaper site im sure where ever you are from has issues you can find a way to make your bussiness and for the record she isnt two so dont really know everything

and i give a **** less if the families in this know who i posted before on here and hopefully this is the last time cause really LET IT GO!

well gotta pick up my husband from work maybe notfrommo1 you can find something to do with your life

and once again god bless the parkhurst family and that precious six year old girl & im glad hes home he never deserved to be behind those walls

-- Posted by itwontbelikethisforlong on Sun, Feb 6, 2011, at 5:57 PM

Oh seriously, these postings are coming alive again! Some people just do not know how to mind their own business. Nobody has posted on this in over 5 months, now someone wants to cause havok. To the poster- TheTruthShallOut- If you are such good friend with Mrs. Parkhurst, why were you sleeping her husband? And what does his libido have to do with you! It sure sounds like you think you know alot about him. Mrs. Parkhurst obviously goes back to him because she loves him. Some people tell a bunch of crap when they are upset, they say things they don't mean, they lie. Especially someone trying to get pity from others. From what I read and I know, sounds to me like Mr. Parkhurst didnt want his wife around all of you family/friends who were constantly trying to break them up. When family/friends hate the spouse-life is hell on both wife and husband. I know this for fact. Niether mr or mrs parkhurst are perfect, no one is. And Mr. Parkhurst does have other kids, and tried to get custody of them, not always does the dad win, as we all know! If I married someone with a newborn baby and that person put me on the birth certificate as a parent, then I would feel I was the parent and would tell everyone that child was mine. Why would I or MR. Parkhurst feel any different. I hope this family gets their family back together and move far away from any family member who would deny this little girl the father she knows! And for NotFromMO1- you are obviously a family member who is ****** at both parents or a foster parent who is looking for reasons to keep the child away from her parents. You are screwed up. If I was told I had to leave my husband whom my daughter said didnt do nothing bad to her and whom I know was never alone with her to do anything-I WOULDNT LEAVE HIM EITHER! Who the hell are you to say crap about this family. Just another IDIOT that wants to talk crap behind a user name. yes, if he hasn't gotten a job-shame on him, but who is gonna hire someone who has been on the news for something so terrible-(which is BS started probably by you). Not me! Why would you care what this family is going through as far as funds. How would you know if he is working or not? How would you know if MRs Parkhurst was staying there several nights, how would you know if the wife was out at bars, and how would you know if Mrs parkhurst was talking to her parents? They are her parents and there are somethings you can never change, maybe she loves her parents, maybe she wants her husband, children and her parents back in her life. It doesnt sound like she wanted to lose it all!!! You are a family member, Or you are a case worker. But I am leaning towards a family member or very close friend who is upset. And, why do all you people bring up her son-the child is no longer hers-it belongs to the grandparents-They adopted him and their name is probably on the birth certificate. Leave him out of this. Unless he had anything to do to this little girl, he has no reason to be spoken of. To the Parkhurst family, I am praying for you all. I feel sorry for the child in state custody, I hope you get her back soon. To anyone reading this post, move on to something more productive and get a life.

-- Posted by NotfromMO2 on Mon, Feb 7, 2011, at 2:05 AM

TheTruthShallOut, You sound like a jealous ex. I reread your post after getting some sleep and others, and it seems that you are a friend of Mrs. Parkhurst and have only heard her side of the story each time these 2 people have broken up. And being her friend, it sounds like you may have stabbed her in the back by sleeping with her husband. Women like you spread like peanut butter any chance you get, BODY AND MOUTH. Just because you are not happy with your life doesnt mean you should trash these people's life. It is obvious they are trying to work out their indiferences. And from what I have read, sounds like he had to make her chose between family or him, because they hated him and continuously made attempts to turn her against him. And Shame on anyone who aborts a child, which was made out of love. She was dead wrong for doing that. If she didnt want to get pregnant, she could have fixed her body so that could not happen. Maybe they had a good relationship when they werent around his or her family. Maybe they both love each other and it is none of your **** business.

-- Posted by NotfromMO2 on Mon, Feb 7, 2011, at 10:37 AM

NotFromMO1, Are you a stalker? Why would you be watching these peoples every move. What is any of this, any of your business. Are you saying that an innocent man, guilty of nothing, should not have his kids or his wife? You must be a vendictive, hateful woman, who cares of nothing but yourself. I have read about men who get out of jail on bond who are not around any kids under a certain age due to allegations in which they were charged. However, sounds to me they dont have squat for a case because they let this man out on bail without any restrictions to any other kids. Probably because they are going on hear say and have no proof, nor witness. This is just another bogus case that will cost the family money and reputation. False allegations are occuring daily in the USA-the people who make these allegations should serve time for LYING. Instead of stalking people and being nosey in there personal family life and business, why dont you worry about yourself and your family, If you have one that cares.

To the Parkhurst family, You have a stalker, watch your neighbors and co-workers, family too, cause it sounds like someone is mad at you all and trying to cause problems for you. These days, you dont have to do anything wrong to be persecuted by the people. And Mrs Parkhurst, I do not know why you would want to talk to the people who supposedly started this war for you-(if you truly are) and your husband, none of my business, but its somewhat obvious that a couple of these lastest posters are family/close friends-probably of yours. I dont think I would offer any information to anyone, family or friends or co-workers. Somebody out there, does not like or want you to have your kid back. Good Luck

-- Posted by NotfromMO2 on Mon, Feb 7, 2011, at 11:13 AM

This is the original notfrommo...you all need to stop posting bull **** here, a mans life is on the line and this is not a joke. Karma is a ***** and things you post here God see's and could eventually come back to bit you in the ***. Unless you know the truth and witnessed the actual sexual acts that Ron was accused of, you need to shut your mouth and wait for the Judge and a jury to determine that. What Ron does with his life is his buisness, he has had a rough time and is just trying to catch his breath. If people keep posting things here it will be EXTREMELY hard for him to find a decent job to pay his family back for all the lawyer fees. Give the mad a break and remember GOD is always watching you!

-- Posted by notfrommo on Tue, Feb 8, 2011, at 11:58 AM

p.s this is not a war zone where family members can just vent thier frustrations. If you have something to say to Ron or his family I suggest you pick up the phone or text them and not post it here. Grow some cahoons and tell them how you really feel. This is totally immature, your acting like little teenagers grow the F up!

-- Posted by notfrommo on Tue, Feb 8, 2011, at 12:00 PM

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