Cape County Commission extends sick leave for deputy recovering from stroke

Friday, July 30, 2010

Cape Girardeau County commissioners approved a motion Thursday to extend donated sick leave for county sheriff's deputy Ronald Hobeck. Hobeck suffered a stroke in January while on duty.

Cape Girardeau County Sheriff John Jordan said Hobeck's neurologist said it would take about one year from the time of the stroke for Hobeck to recover enough to return to work, but Hobeck has made significant progress.

Since the stroke, Hobeck has exhausted his sick leave, vacation and comp time. Hobeck intends to return to work after his recovery and does not have any plans to file for disability, Jordan said.

County employees are allowed to donate unused sick time to other employees facing long-term illness and recovery. When an employee uses donated sick leave for longer than three months, the use must be approved by the county commission. The motion at Thursday's meeting will extend Hobeck's use of donated sick leave until Jan. 31.

Commissioner Paul Koeper and Commissioner Jay Purcell both approved the motion. Presiding Commissioner Gerald Jones was not present.

Koeper said approving the extension of the donated time eliminates one worry for Hobeck during his recovery, and Purcell said it was nice to be able to do that for the deputy.

At his home, Hobeck said he was grateful to everyone involved in allowing him to use the donated sick leave.

"They are totally awesome," he said, referring to his co-workers. "The county commission is great. I thank them all dearly, and my wife does, too."

Hobeck said he is making progress but that recovery is a slow, hard process. He said he was able to walk a mile last week and that he considers that a great accomplishment.


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