Don't vote for Jay Purcell Aug. 3

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jay Purcell already holds a commission seat, and to vote him in as presiding commissioner would result in a Democratic governor appointing his replacement. Do we want that?

Purcell does not do the job he holds, so why should he have the responsibility of dealing with major businesses or budget control?

His current track record is less than stellar, not doing his duties and taking an obtuse position on anything that's good for the county.

1. Costing the county $28,000 with his lawsuit against himself.

2. Secretly recording private conversations and closed meetings.

3. Selling condemned property without disclosure -- lawsuit pending.

4. Failure to pay taxes in a timely manner -- two years late.

5. Telling candidates he would not seek the presiding commissioner's job so the field would get crowded and he, as an incumbent, would have a better chance to win.

6. He does not understand the basis of the budget process. He does not serve the county. He serves only himself. See him for what he is: a mental midget with delusions of grandeur.

J.F. GAMBILL, 625 Sylvan Lane, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701