Emerson voted with Pelosi

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I had to chuckle when I heard seven-term incumbent Jo Ann Emerson on the radio, after condemning Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, declare, "I'm mad too!" Where was this outrage when she voted with Nancy for bank bailouts that resulted in making Goldman Sachs whole? When she voted with Nancy for Cash for Clunkers that resulted in costing taxpayers $24,000 per car? When she voted with Nancy to bail out Chrysler, the immediate effect of which was shipping manufacturing jobs from Fenton, Mo., to Mexico?

Where is Jo Ann Emerson's rage today when she is listed as a co-sponsor of a bill to force unionization of local governments nationwide, the mirror of a bill Harry Reid sponsors in the Senate?

It's not enough to be mad. You must be principled and effective. Our campaign focuses on long-standing problems like limiting the growth of government, stopping illegal immigration and gaining energy independence.

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