Speak Out 7/29/10

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reagan tax cut

SOMEONE said we should check Ronald Reagan's record before we canonize him. In 1981 Ronald Reagan signed the largest tax cut in American history at his California ranch, launching the longest economic boom in U.S. history. You can't beat that.

Good people

IF you want to meet some good people who do their job, go to the Jackson Post Office service window. Then walk across the street to the Southeast Missourian. Cathy and her friend over there really try to help you, and they do a good job. Then go to the old post office building and the license bureau and the chamber of commerce. Those three girls in the license bureau and the girl at the chamber are helpful and knock themselves out to please people. We're lucky to have them working in Jackson. I hope people appreciate them and tell them that the next time they see them.

Fourth donations

I'D like to thank everyone who came to the Fourth of July celebration at Arena Park in Cape Girardeau. If you would like to donate to help pay for the events, please write to U.S.A. Veterans, P.O. Box 840, Cape Girardeau, MO 63702-0840. Again, thank you so much for attending the Fourth of July events.

Political signs

SURELY the police have better things to do than take down the political signs. Maybe they could catch some of the speeders on Mount Auburn Road and Kingshighway.

Power outages

AMERENUE needs to focus on the power interruptions in Cape Girardeau. This isn't a large city where power interruptions might be expected. There is no logic to it. The power at our house has gone out several times in one day, and that is without any bad weather to cause it.

Casino and church

SOMEONE said, "There are many church people who would like to see a casino in Cape." That's true. It's also true that many would consider a casino a church.

Destroyed by greed

WE have a terrible plague in this country that is destroying us. It is greed.

Gambling options

LET'S be clear about this. There are a lot of "church people" who aren't Christians. Christians want no part of a casino and should be ashamed of themselves for not making their voices heard on the subject. A casino brings nothing but sin and corruption. You want to gamble? Start a Friday night poker game, Play bingo. Play the lottery. Play the stock market. That is gambling. Best of all, if you want to give your money away, give it to your local church. The payoff could be better than anything you can win on this earth.

Gambling boredom

SOMEONE suggests people hanging out on the street might rob me to have money to spend at a casino. People who are bored will always be bored, because they can't think of anything worthwhile to do. I don't include gambling as a worthwhile venture.

Political positions

POLITICAL positions are far too important to sling mud and make your opponent look bad. Any fifth-grader can put a commercial together in bits and pieces and swing innuendoes. Please take the party stickers off your foreheads and tell us where you stand on important issues and let us decide.

Stop the bleeding

CAPE Girardeau is so fortunate to be considered for a casino. Extra revenue is badly needed to hire firemen, policemen and city workers and to stop the slow bleeding of the city.

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