Letter to the Editor

Vote no on Proposition C

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Everything is in place for individuals to purchase reasonably priced heath care insurance. I agree with the Missouri Hospital Association. Do you think it is good to shift health care cost of those who don't pay to those who have insurance?

Every day thousands of people are treated at hospitals and do not pay for it. All of us who do pay get our premiums raised because the hospitals shift the cost to us.

Low-income people will be helped to buy that insurance they need, and they can come away with a sense of pride that they provided health care for themselves and their families.

Proposition C was brought about as a political ploy to try and prove an egotistical point. The persons who started this care not that we pay for those who cannot pay.

Let's stop this nonsense and let everyone have a chance to buy health care insurance. Most people want to pay their own way. There are some who can afford to pay and chose to get a free ride instead.

Vote no on Proposition C Tuesday.