Speak Out 7/28/10

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Great coaches

I want to say "Good job" to Mason and Joe, the coaches of the Jackson Barracuda's swim team. They worked hard to help all our swimmers improve while providing great motivation to help Jackson win first place in the small-team championships. Thanks again, guys.

Health care issues

SOMEONE said, "Obama is in office because we didn't trust Bush with health care." That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read. Obama is not in office because of one issue. He's in office because enough people were fooled by the smoke and mirrors and because of people who voted on emotion and not on knowledge and common sense. We see where it has gotten us. Be excited while you can about the health care plan. Even previous supporters are saying it's going to cause more problems than they ever dreamed of.

Seeking the truth

I recently bought a container of sandwich spread. On the new plastic jar it read, "New Look! Same Great Taste!" Fine. I do not have any problem with a new container or a new look. I do have a problem with being duped. Behind all the hoopla of advertising is the real story. I no longer get a 16-ounce jar of product. It is now only 15 ounces. This reminds me of what is going on all around us. The world view is that everything is bigger and better, when all that is happening is that the truth is being covered up and kept from us. We must all look for the truth and stand up for what is right. God save America.

Veterans' dog

DOGS are wonderful additions to assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. However, I cannot understand why the Missouri Veterans Home allows its dog to stay outside most of the time in heat or cold. Please keep the dog for the pleasure of the veterans, but please take better care of the animal. If he isn't inside, he can't be socialized. I am sure the volunteers would be pleased to help.

Light sensors

WHY do traffic lights have to be on a sensor during daylight hours? In front of the mall you cannot go from one light to the other without stopping. We used to be able to drive from one light to the other without stopping at each light. And if I am on a motorcycle, I cannot trip the sensors.

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