MO Tea Party Candidates Identified

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tea Party "A" Rated Candidates for Aug 3rd Republican Primary Election

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The TEA PARTY stands for fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free trade. Tea Party members are largely conservative voters who are angry and upset with the incumbent "POLITICIANS GONE WILD" of both parties who promote their own interests over the business of the people.

Tea Party sympathizers are those who have not officially joined the Tea Party but do love and support America and are upset at "RINO" politicians ("Republicans in Name Only") and political leftists who (1) apologize for America and see the USA as being wrong in its actions on the world stage, who, (2) claim to be "citizens of the world" and want "Open Borders" so that illegal aliens can enter the nation without health screening or barriers to bar entry for those with ties to terrorist or criminal organizations, and (3) who are unwisely pushing for a socialist America.

For the attention of voters asking for a REPUBLICAN PRIMARY ELECTION BALLOT, on Tuesday, August 3, 2010, the following Republican Candidates have been each given an "A" rating and have been found worthy of your votes by the Metro Kansas City Tea Party:


For Member of Congress 4th District VICKY HARTZLER

For Member of Congress 5th District JERRY FOWLER

For Member of Congress 6th District SAM GRAVES

For State Auditor TOM SCHWEICH

For confirmation:

Reed A. Chambers II, Chair,

Tea Party Missouri State Conference

and Chairman

Jackson County MO Tea Party County Convention

1215 R.D. Mize Road

Grain Valley, MO 64029

816 612 6855

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